My January 2018 visit with Muriel Anderson ended with Part 3. Part 2 ended with a brief run through of Pat Metheny’s Last Train home, which inspired Muriel to bring up her piece Train To Arnhem. She patiently explained the constantly changing time signatures and confidently expected me to join in.

We then went into some techniques for playing artificial harmonics, which she is a master at. I had been having some trouble with them in my arrangement of Bethena by Scott Joplin and played a bit as an example.

We ended with a hand to hand comparison showing that anyone who thinks they can’t play guitar because their hands are too small should probably work on their technique.

All in all we had a blast in the studio that day and I hope everybody finds something educational, or at least entertaining in this series of videos.


Part 2 of Muriel’s visit to TG Central started off with another improv from her Eclipse CD, Moonshadow by Cat Stevens. Then we spent some time talking about her musical history, her love of Bluegrass, and her not catching much popular culture growing up (with an innocent slam on a band still going strong after 50 some-odd years).

We did strike a little common ground as we continued, bringing up Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) and Pat Metheny, which sparked a rusty stab at a couple of his songs that I had messed with a few years ago.


Acoustic Snapshot – Muriel Anderson at TG Central (in 3 Parts): At the start of 2018 Muriel Anderson was on her annual California and West Coast tour and spent a couple days with us in Los Gatos. Before she left on Saturday the 13th, we sat down in the studio to chat and jam a bit.

In Part 1 we talk about her latest project, Eclipse. She tells the story of flying back home to Nashville to catch the rare event, where she enjoyed it with a big group on the lawn of the Capitol Building. Requests came in for celestial inspired songs while Bryan Allen shot some photographs.

Afterwards they decided to turn it into a full CD of solos (mostly) played on her 20-string harp guitar, basically a short scale classical guitar tuned a whole step high with 7 sub-bass and 7 super-treble strings.

Amidst the chatter we play a couple songs, Van Morrison’s Moondance and Muriel’s original Night Lights.