I have been messing with Jerry Reed’s Blues Land for quite a while now and it is finally starting to take shape. One of the obstacles was that the original was done with a back up band, and maybe even multiple guitars so I had to come up with some ideas as far a creating a solo arrangement.

There are some pretty unusual techniques as well, including a lot of grace notes and what I might call a thumb drag, a quick backwards brush with the thumb across just a few strings. Maybe a lesson on this someday but I don’t really have any of it written out yet.


One of my favorite Progressive Rock bands, going back to the 1970s, is PFM. I lost track of them for about 30 years but was impressed with some of their albums in the early 2000s.

Il Sogno Di Leonardo (Leonardo’s Dream) is a piece written by their guitarist Franco Mussida that appeared on their 2006 instrumental album Stati Di Immaginazione.

It starts off with just the classical guitar but brings in keyboards, bass and strings in the original recording.

In this solo arrangement I tried to incorporate as much as I could and hope I got close to how I think Franco Mussida might play it without the accompanying instruments.

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Hi Gang,

I’m sure some of you have heard me dabble with this over the last year or two. I figured it was time to wrap it up and put it down, with a possible lesson on it if there seems to be a little demand. I started watching Poirot with David Suchet a few years ago. The first 5 years featured a theme written by Christopher Gunning, which is what I was going for here, the 60-second version, much like what is heard in those early episodes.