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I started playing as a kid, picked up every bad habbit you can have in reguards to playing. I've had some great oppotunities to play with some great guitar players. In high school I was great friends on Gerry Beckley,Dewey Bunnel and Dan Peek. We were all school mates in London,England in the late 60"s. While I am still plunking away at the guitar in the last 2 years my health has gotten the better of me and I suffered a stroke. Dont have one cause you memory goes to mush and seems like any good Guitar wise, Goes to mush as well.ha. So here I am trying to steal any chops I can and also get to know some fellow guitar players out there. I have had some where around 40 guitars from I wanna be a rock star BC rich Bich double necks to Strats to my new and favorites My Taylors.I'm not a very good guitar player to me but to others they say I've forgotten more than they will ever know. Dont believe it.I personaly am way past the head banger stuff and am really into CSNY and I love Karla Bonoff's style.James taylor ect.NOW I AM FORCED TO RETIRE,and am fighting it but life goes on and so does my plunking. So there it is. Take it for what ever you want. Later

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