Today there was a lot of playing and stumbling though old pieces in various stages of disrepair, starting with some random blues picking. Since this week had a couple new Acoustic Snapshots, Sylvia and Imagine That!, I have been playing a little more than usual. There were samples of a few originals that don’t see much light of day– Montaña de Oro, A Little Jolt, and Along The Way to name a few.

I talked about some of the obstacles in Imagine That!, which include big stretches, hinge barres with 3 different fingers, and some tricky timing parts. I hope that doesn’t discourage anybody from giving it a go.

The weeks’ other new lessons included Angry Chair by Alice In Chains and a FOTW lesson with Bill working on The Beatles’ I’ve Just Seen A Face (which also inspired a little improv today, followed by another that I’m sure you’ll recognize).

There was also another clue or two on Reflections Of My Life, particularly as far as incorporating the melody into an arpeggio accompaniment, and more on this soon.

The last bits included some faux classical stumbling block, in case you make it that far.

Onto the future…


This week’s update included a bunch of playing– bits of Man On The Moon by REM, Break On Through, Walk Don’t Run, tips on barre chords, Sultans Of Swing, Reflections Of My Life (with a little help on the melody), Imagine That (a little more organized than previously mangled a few weeks ago), My Dear Boy by John Renbourn, Blues Land, and ending with a little jam in Am.

The big News today was that I was able to use the Student Review uploader with success! Hopefully that will continue and we will see some new uploads soon.

We had a couple new lessons this week, Max brought us Break On Through by The Doors, and another new member of the FOTW club, Bill spent some time working on Man On The Moon by REM, as well as a bit of Walk Don’t Run. And for those starting the Marmalade Project, Reflections Of My Life, there were some clues about the progression and melody. I hope to get to a more formal lesson on that next week but I am having video production issues at the moment. Hopefully that will pass soon.

That’s the News for today-


Things are slowly settling back into the usual routine around here now, after a somewhat surreal trip to a distant planet, or at least about as far as one can go from California on this planet. It was great to spend time in Tasmania with Matt, Jameela, and the rest of the TG team, most of whom I met for the first time. I did manage to get away a couple times and see and experience some of the beautiful country in and around Hobart, and a lot of the details are in today’s update.

This week we got a couple new lessons out, The Decembrists’ Rox In The Box, and Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man. Max made great use of his looper creating that one.

I had a few thoughts on some threads on the Forum, a quick one on nails and a bit more on what the Beatles might have been like a few years into the 70s.

And then there was some music. As I recall a little blues in the beginning, a stab at a long forgotten tune, Tickle Me, and somewhere later Quicksand and a Beatles solo version of George Harrison’s first song. That led me to think it might be about time for some more solo guitar stuff, any requests?