A few big pieces of news this week but one thing I have been working on is getting ready for a presentation that might need 45-60 minutes worth of playing. I think I mentioned that a chapter of The Guitar League is opening up in Phoenix and I am on board to host it in November. This got me to making a list of songs I should be able to play. A few of those made partial appearances in today’s video– Imagine That, Jetstream, Cobble Creek, and even a bit of Chattanooga Choo-Choo as I recall.

As part of my path to listen to albums in their entirety I had to check the collection when Dave Mason’s Alone Together came on. I thought I had an original pressing on the multi-colored vinyl, no such luck. But at least I grabbed my black vinyl copy and broke it out this morning.

I want to thank the people who have stepped up to the challenge of helping us with IGC video documentation. Again, if you are interested or available we really appreciate folks helping us move into the modern day internet and this is part of our transition.

As far as new lessons this week, we had Vanessa bring us Eternal Flame by The Bangles, Max with Mississippi John Hurt’s Spike Driver Blues, and my student Lisa sharing her lesson on Long, Long Tome by Linda Ronstadt. I expect Lisa to do occasional FOTW videos going forward.

The last bit of big news involves a bit of unplanned travel. Check the video for the details.


Today I found myself with my first real guitar, a Yairi OM, made out of mahogany. I got it when I was about 12 or 13 and it is still fun to break out every once in a while. It got brought up from the basement yesterday for a young student of mine who is ready for his first steel string. I think he thought I was going to give it to him. I started off with a few random musings that headed into my big lesson of the week, End Of The Day by Al Stewart. I’m sure some of you have followed the thread of requests for this after Dave Nach and I played it at IGC last month.

The other main lesson we had this week was probably even more challenging, Country Boy by Albert Lee. I love the way Max is able to break things down and almost had me convinced I could play the darn thing. So many ridiculous techniques and so little time…

There was also a little continuation of Carol’s lesson where we went into the strategy of Partial Capos. They certainly have a place but not as a quick way to get into DADGAD.

A little time was spent going over the chord progression to Moody Richard. I want to congratulate a couple people on working out most of it, or at least enough to start with.

Something else that I think the TG World should know about is The Guitar League. One of our longtime members, Bart, is starting up a chapter in Phoenix and I will be there as their inaugural Presenter. Check out the info here https://www.guitarleague.com/ and consider joining us if you are anywhere near Phoenix on Tuesday, November 13.


This week I had a lot of fun finally getting around to a lesson that had been on my mind for years, a solo arrangement of Your Mother Should Know from the Beatles’ album Magical Mystery Tour. I think I even managed to keep it at an intermediate level but would appreciate some feedback on that. We also had an instrumental from Max with his take on Swing Low Sweet Chariot. The style reminded me of someone whose name I couldn’t come up with at the time. I now remember who it was but I’d like to see who can come up with it. Maybe PM your thoughts to me for a couple days before I grab some videos of his tunes.

We also had a new victim added to the FOTW series when Carol came in just before IGC and we had a chance to go over a couple songs. Her cryptic comment about partial capos may clear up if I grab another chunk of the same lesson next week.

The other news this week is we settled on dates for IGCs 2019 and that info is in the thread. There is also info on the Target discount for our California camp in the members only area. Again the dates are IGC Europe July 25-28 in Amsterdam and IGC California September 30-October 4. I hope some new people will join in the festivities in 2019.