Somehow a little John Renbourn piece opened the segment today, which made me think I sure work out a more organized arrangement of Buffalo. Although a higher priority for name right now is to finish the lesson on Blues Land that started this week. And I might mention that you don’t have to be afraid of high level pieces because there are always some thing you can learn from them. The goal doesn’t have to be to get it to a performable stage.

A bit of Hesitation Blues crossed into the rambling today as well, along with some very rusty slide playing. A few tips were included but I think Max had that covered in his contribution this week, Five Easy Slide Licks In Open Tuning. Our Fly On The Wall lesson this week was Sandy polishing up some sticky parts to Wicked Game, and Vanessa brought us Patty Smyth’s tune Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough.

The big news this week is that our contest and survey prizes of Santa Cruz strings came to an end and we are going through the inspired entries we got to pick 50 winners of strings. Our IGC Europe winner was Les but it was a closely contested vote among the 25 or so entries we received.

So halfway through June and well on our way to travels and the summer IGCs. I hope everybody is enjoying playing some tunes!


Today’s update started with some improvising around a few Neil Young tunes. He is our artist of the month for June and we have all his single lessons on sale for those that like their lessons a la carte.

Check out the Neil Young library here.

We also have a few more days to get your entry in if you would like to be considered for the complimentary pass to IGC Europe. The judging will happen on Tuesday, June 12 at 5:00PM Eastern time. I know last week I mentioned that we are getting excited about the trip to Europe and now I am even starting to think I can survive an 11-hour flight. I hope there are still a few people out there who are considering joining us.

Here is the link to the details

Our other giveaway is also approaching its conclusion and there is about a week left on winning a set of Santa Cruz strings for participating in our survey. Fifty folks will get a set of their strings for coming up with the most creative answers to a particular question about TG.

Check it out here.

We did manage to overcome some unforeseen setbacks this week and get a couple new lessons out. The Air That I Breathe is song where covers eclipsed the original, at least as far as airplay and popularity. Most songwriters love this when somebody else has a big hit with their song. In this case it was The Hollies who really made Albert Hammond’s song huge. Of course Albert did have his own big hit as well.

We also had Max bring us another tune from way outside the acoustic guitar world, Chameleon by Herbie Hancock. It is great how he helps expand the TG World and I know many of you really appreciate it.


We have a lot of new things going on around here lately, most of which should have gone out in emails but I wanted to bring a couple to your attention. Nani and I are getting excited about heading to Europe for IGC Amsterdam in about 6 weeks and TG has decided to offer a spot to a worthy individual with a good reason to attend. Details can be found here and there is still plenty of room for a few more. Think about joining us if you are nearby.

I want to thank everybody who responded to our survey, especially now that the rebuild wheels are turning a little faster. Some of the folks behind the scenes are busy looking at responses and picking out some winners for our Santa Cruz Guitar Strings. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

Today’s update started out with a little improv on a great America tune, although I can’t yet say whether it would make a good instrumental. Other random plays included some Dire Straits and Pat Metheny as I recall.

Life here in Northern California is gearing up for the first Hogan kid wedding at the end of June but I hope to keep a few new lessons in and out of the pipeline as we head into June. We did manage a lesson from Max on James Brown’s I Feel Good, and a very involved FOTW with Leo working on a whole bunch of cool things. I hope everybody had a chance to look at least a bit of it, or has plenty of things to be working on as it is.