Well we had a wonderful weekend sending our son Coree of with a fabulous partner, Nora, the new Mrs. Hogan in the California school system. So we are slowly working on re-entering the real world, as well as checking out again in a few days heading to IGC Europe, and a little work got done here at TG. We put out lessons on All Hands Against His Own by The Black Keys, Bryan Adams’ Back To You, and something that came to me through a student recently, Follow The Sun by Xavier Rudd. Matt will be jazzed that we got to another Aussie artist.

Most of today’s update consisted of messing around with a couple tunes in Double Dropped D Tuning, inspired by Follow The Sun which uses it. Don’t be afraid to break out those old Neil Young lessons that use it as well.

I will stay in touch as much as possible as we make the rounds in a few foreign countries.


This weekend the Hogan family is on location at the site of our son’s wedding. Coree and Nora are getting married today in the woods above Aptos, just south of Santa Cruz. With some ocean noise in the background I sat on our patio and ran through some random thoughts. I started with a recap of our Friday activities, which included a stab at an instrumental version of The Road That Never Ends by Keali’i Reichel, a song my daughters danced to at the rehearsal, followed by the update on new stuff this week at TG.

We had a jazz lesson from Max on Fly Me To The Moon, Zombie by The Cranberries, Nutshell by Alice In Chains, and a video addition to one of our original launch lessons, Rhiannon. This was inspired by a request from a member as he thought a video walk through of the tab that was added a few years ago would be helpful.

I am always glad to hear if there are things that could be added to lessons to make them clearer so please don’t hesitate to ask (and in a couple months that guitar with fret markers may come back into circulation).

We sent out message to all Santa Cruz String winners last week looking for addresses and choice of Low or Medium Tension so if you answered the survey and were picked we need info from you. Otherwise I will have a few extra sets myself!

Today’s video ended with a bit of Hot Tuna as I recall and this may be the last update for a few weeks. We are heading to Amsterdam soon and I hope to have some video clips but even getting this one up was a little difficult and delayed by a quirky internet set up in the wild Santa Cruz Mountains.


We are in the middle of an unbelievably busy time here at the Hogan homestead, birthdays, anniversaries, and the first wedding of the next generation. I trust the world is still turning for all of us. More details than are probably necessary are brought up in today’s update after a brief stab at a Beatles tune the way I knocked it out on a CD 30 years ago.

We did bring out a few new things this week, as usual- the conclusion of Blues Land, A Girl Like You by the Black Keys, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart by the Bee Gees, and a new Student Video Review on Ken’s upload of Cowgirl In The sand by Neil Young.

The other big news is that we have picked the 50 winners of the Santa Cruz Guitar Strings and hope to be shipping those out over the next week or so, if the winners find the email where we are asking for real addresses. Check you mail if you entered and be sure to get back to us soon if you are a winner. Otherwise I will have a few years supply of strings!

So, not sure about the next couple weeks as far as updates go but I will try my best to stay in touch as the world around us continues to evolve.