Today I started with a little bit of Bethena, and a little more later, the piece that has haunted me for years in more than one way. I keep plugging away on it and maybe it will see it’s first public performance next week at the meeting of the Phoenix Guitar League. No promised though as I will really go into the event without a plan and let the attendees run the program, I think. Other tunes that got partial run throughs included Last Train Home and Tickle Me, with a couple improvs thrown in as well.

The new lessons this week included All Along The Watchtower and Reflections Of My Life, along with a couple Student Reviews on Walk Don’t Run (now I remember playing a solo version of that today too) and Michael’s original Runoff Blues. I am really happy the uploader is back in working order and hope our members start taking advantage of it again.

The other big news is that we are running a sale on all packs and single lessons so be sure to check that out if there is something you have been thinking of adding to your lessons at TG.

Off to Arizona and back with a report next week.


Well, another Halloween has come and gone, except that we are running a Halloween Special on Lesson Packs through the weekend. Be sure to check them out if you are into the a la carte version of TG.

Today I played bits and pieces of a lesson scheduled for Monday of next week (which I had hoped to finish today but Adobe is still slowing down the workflow around here), along with a couple of my old rag-timey pieces, Tickle Me and Paprika, and a couple of John Renbourn’s razzle dazzle tunes, My Dear Boy and Another Monday. Both of which I hope to master someday.

This week I took some time to revisit our lesson on Plush, as it was done by my old friend MattB. It was a bit emotional to watch his lesson but it made me even prouder of him than I already was with what he was able to accomplish in his (too short) life. I hope some of you take the time to check it out again.

This week we also added Hello, I Love You by The Doors, Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams, and the conclusion of Bill’s FOTW where we looked at House Of The Rising Sun and Sultans Of Swing, two songs in my rotating list of essential exercises for guitar students.

The last piece of News is that I want to invite anybody within a reasonable distance of Phoenix to look into coming to the inaugural meeting on The Guitar League on Tuesday, November 13.

I hope to see some familiar faces!


Just this morning I was watching some John Renbourn videos and I am still amazed at his musicianship, creativity, and comfort with playing the guitar. It reminded me of a few things we played together, like All Blues

(which Pentangle turned into I’ve Got A Feeling)

and the morphed into another tune of his I keep meaning to get to a lesson on. You may be able to figure it out from my fumbling with it.

There was also a bit of Snap A Little Owl, Harvest Moon, and a scattering of Beatles arrangements from my CD A Beatles Collection.

Check out the John Renbourn workshop in our Fly on the Wall Series

This week’s new content included La Grange by ZZ Top, I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan, and a FOTW lesson with Sandy working on Harvest Moon by Neil Young. The latter may be the last time we look at that as she has it in pretty good shape now that the harmonics are smoothing out.

The other big news for me this week was tracking down a bunch of missing Acoustic Snapshots and relinking them to the blog. I noticed a lot of them got a lot of new plays recently which means there is still some interest, in spite of how long many of them have been around.

I also talked a bit about some recent Forum posts, in particular Mark’s adventures on stage and with a silent guitar.

Until November, stay tuned & in touch!