Using A Thumb Pick
Quick Tips & Techniques - Right Hand Techniques

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Thanks Neil, I can't grow good strong finger nails and I've tried to use a thumb pick, don't like the sound, so I just use the fleshy tips of my fingers to finger pick and always had doubts about it. Now I feel good about playing that way, once again thanks for the tip.written by Jim Gooch, December 11, 2009
Good comments, not much else. Don't know if anything else can be said?written by Tim Karls, July 20, 2009
The high quality video worked perfect for me. Great video and sound matched up perfectly.written by Stephen Terry, June 07, 2009
this video didn't work very well. kinda disappointed, this being the first video i looked at since subscribing. hopefully, we'll get it straightened out. the video portion didn't play at all. and the sound was really screwey!written by Dennis Anthonis, May 04, 2009
video does not work, it is about 20 frames behind the audio.written by countryboy0925, May 02, 2009
Hi Neil, How about a video on [u]how[/u] to use a thumbpick. I love the "Chet" sound and the good thumping Travis sound a thumbpick helps produce but I've always had a problem adjusting to not having the flesh of my thumb hitting the strings and the angle I need to hold my thumb at when I try to use a thumbpick. Thanks!written by Lee Marcus, April 30, 2009
Even with a high speed internet connection, the video took 10 minutes to download? Not good!written by Kurt Feuer, April 28, 2009