Elements of Music: Melody, Harmony, Rhythm
Quick Tips & Techniques - Beginning Theory

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I just joined and this was the first video I watched it started then stopped for maybe 3 seconds then took off and never stopped again and I also used hi quality vid.I have a 6 mos old computer and win vista and dsl connection. written by dacoustic, December 04, 2009
Video works fine for me - aren't these comments supposed to be about the subject matter? written by gatchaman, December 03, 2009
Let the lesson load up 100% and it works fine. Hit the play button at first then the pause button and watch it load up or go do something. Before you know it you are ready to go.written by Michael Vacovsky, May 10, 2009
the beginning lessons were in sync; worked fine. The intermediate lessons were really "unwatchable" as stated in these previous e-mail responses. The audio is choppy and the video really lags behind. Looking forward to fixing that so that the intermediate lessons play like the beginning lessons did!written by Dennis Anthonis, May 09, 2009
I am streaming the videos wirelessly to my laptop, wireless router is in the basement. Only thing I must do is wait for the stream to download. Other wise they are smooth and clear.written by Jim Bare, May 02, 2009
video is not watchable, it is so far behind the audio, also audio is pretty choppy as well. written by countryboy0925, May 02, 2009
jumpy videowritten by clifford a selsky, April 28, 2009
Not working correctly. I am using Firefox. Video so slow and jumpy as to be unwatchable.written by neil, April 27, 2009