Riffs, Licks & Progressions
Quick Tips & Techniques - Beginning Theory

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I could never figure out the difference between these things but it has finally made sense because of your great explanation and examples. Thanks!!written by Rick , June 21, 2010
FYI, works fine for me... Thanks, L.R.written by LR, April 07, 2010
Video & music works fine in 'Normal Quality Video / mono.written by Pete Hatzis, December 13, 2009
Gotta hand it to you Neil - you make it all accessible. I got a bit of choppiness, but not enough to stress me out.written by jeffb, November 23, 2009
I've experience choppiness too. Choppiness is often the inability for YOUR video card to keep up with the streaming of the audio and video being sent by the provider (total guitars). Try turning off other programs (iTunes, Outlook, IM, other browser windows, etc that are memory pigs). It worked for me. Good luck.written by Greg G, July 04, 2009
just subscribed last month; in my first e to you guys I reported choppiness in the audio and out of sync video. But suddenly, all that resolved. I've been listening to Neal explaining the music theory...very informative and quite succinct. I've learned a lot already. Can't wait to start playin.written by Dennis Anthonis, May 14, 2009
please help with these videoswritten by randy lucero, May 07, 2009
this video is not working either.written by countryboy0925, May 07, 2009
im not a coputer wiz but cant get video to run audio choppy at best how do we clear this upwritten by randy lucero, May 04, 2009