Three Minor Scales
Quick Tips & Techniques - Beginning Theory

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Neil, Thank You! I have read the explanation of the three minor scales multiple times but never "got it". I am an aural learner. Your explanation allowed me to understand the minor scales for the first time...Thanks again! Tom written by Tom Dammen, May 03, 2010
Great tutorial Neil however I need lesson notes/tabs to work from. please please pretty please. written by Giovanni Arciero, April 30, 2010
Neil I took piano lessons for a few years prior to picking up the guitar last year. I remember playing the minor scales but never understanding their origins or reasons for being. This lesson finally made that clear! Also, now I really want to learn the Bach piece you showed as the example! Thanks, Brianwritten by Brian Service, September 12, 2009
Neil, Awesome, thanks so very much for the Bach example. I always love the melodic flow of the Bach piece ... but I never understood it it was based on the melodic minor scale. I hope I got that right. Wow ... theory that works. written by Mark Fulp, August 08, 2009
It would be nice to have lesson notes. Do you know if you are going have any lesson added to the videos? written by Ted Posobiec, May 13, 2009
Neil, why aren't there any lesson notes? I think you should add them because otherwise I will never learn the pattern for the scales that you have presentedwritten by Bill Wiltse, May 07, 2009