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Keith Holland of Keith Holland Guitars in Los Gatos California continues his talk on custom guitars.

First he show us an Aged New Stock guitars. This guitar looks like it’s been on the road for a long time — but it’s really new. Keith is the Michellango of guitars and he artfully ages the guitars so it looks like a comfortable old friend (and plays like one too).

Then we see a new guitar with a beautiful black body with highlighted white grain. Then he shows us a real custom, a semi-hollow solid body guitar. So if you are shopping for a custom guitar, try out these samples Keith’s wall.


Totally Guitars

Keith Holland of Keith Holand Guitars in Los Gatos California discusses things to keep in mind when considering a getting a custom guitar. First and formost is the body shape. Do you want a Stratocaster type 3 pickup or a Telecaster two pickup guitar.

Then there are necks to choose from — from fret board to neck material. Keith has standard tuners and tail pieces but you can certainly order different ones.

After filming this, I wanted to order my own Keith Holland Guitar 🙂

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Keith Holland Custom Guitars Part 2

by admin on September 20, 2012

Keith Holland from Keith Holland Guitars and The Guitar Hospital continues his discussion about things to think about when purchasing a custom guitar. He discusses body shape, neck shape, pickups, tuners and the bridge.