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RicksPick 26.06

Jun 25, 2011

Hi all

well Ive been slowly getting the toughness of my little pinkie built up, Im about to go away for 2 weeks so will be experimenting with my phone, just what can I do can I upload a video?? posting easy enough, but we will see.

Had a GAS attack today and got a cedar topped guitar but will have to wait to get back to try it properly, Anyway its late so see you soon, ive an early start.


RicksPick 19.6

Jun 19, 2011

Hi just a quick update, Ouch my fingers are sore, mainly my pinkie from doing lots of pulloff's this is going to be a tough one ( Summertime strut) that F is a toughie, but getting there, part of the reason im typing this to give em a rest.

Work for the next 3 days so they wont get much pain so pinkie should aclimatize, theres my spelling again lol.

Bye for now


RicksPick 17.6.2011

Jun 17, 2011

Hi, well its been 3 weeks since last update, Blackbird is still on the practice list along with Father and Son, Learnt the next in the series Country blues and uploaded it,pleased with the reviews I got,  It's now my fav tune, well one of them, Thought I would plough on with the next one WOW first barre how hard is that stretch this is going to take some time.

Smile is still progressing so I am hopeful that one day/year I will get to upload it. Weather not nice at the mo, so will have to stay in and practice, O shame lol.

Tryed to play some tunes that I have already learnt, o boy do I forget quick, Greensleeves, layla, Norwiegan Wood all incomplete now, AHH. Will have to watch the lessons again, Or flick through pages of music,

So here's hoping I can remember to update my blog lol must be my age.


20.5 RicksPick

May 20, 2011

Well been working hard and now have the weekend off, phew, loving the collab video,s

Fingers fine now, but managed to practice Blackbird cos didnt need my index finger so that is almost nailed, just got to get the right sections in order and ask Jay about 1 chord that seems different to Neils lesson. Smile byD Gilmore sounding good now but wont be uploading it as Im trying to sing to it, O yes I might sound bad but thats my project, long term, got to break this issue cos Im sure its sycological,( all in my head) lol my spelling has never been good.

Im still keeping Missippi blues on the burn, but carnt help myself with the new tunes, I am trying to use a pick now and again, Not done much with open G yet. Learnt most of father and son Cat Stevens, bit technical.

Still waiting for Bills new self build guitar upload on video, So come on Dieguy.

Well not as long as the last update just.


RicksPick 3.5.2011

May 3, 2011

Wow has it been that long since my last update.

So I managed to upload Miss Blues and got good feedback from everyone, that was 2 months ago, I practiced it more applying the advice, then moved on to the next lesson, within a month I almost forgot how to play the blues tune, took 5 mins of wracking my brain, so I practice it atleast once a week now.

So whats on the list a present, Give me love ( nailed),  She's Not there,  Lay Lady Lay and Blackbird all three working on still, Supose I will upload Harrisons tune soon. O and I tuned one of my guitars to open G but that will be a long project, Thanks Chas for help with this.

Yesterday I burnt my index finger cooking so will have withdrawl for a couple of days. Silly clumsy me.

Bye for now


RicksPick 17.2

Feb 17, 2011

Hello it's me again, so hows it going? not there yet, just the last few barres to get clean, almost did it today, not clean enough to post though. So maybe still 2 weeks ish. Back at work tomorrow night,which limits my practice alot, but 5 days time I will have a few days off again.

Well thats a short update after so many days but I have concentrated to try and finish this tune properly, well for me, as it will mature over time. Bye for now


P.S carnt wait to see Bill's (dieguy) new guitar when it's built

RicksPick 3.2.10

Feb 3, 2011

Hi there, Well I've had a break through with this Missisipi Blues(looks like I didnt spell that right lol), I had a problem With the change to and from the D9, so that just leaves B7 E and last 2 barres, so a coulple more weeks and maybe just maybe i can get a video up.

On that note Im hoping to get one up in the next couple of days, showing how I got on with the previous lessons in the series, I tried to video them the other day but they had slipped so will go back and practice them again, suppose it will help, any practice is good practice right.

I even tried singing, But when I watched it back, talk about cringe,OH it was bad what was I thinking of, My problem is that I cannot keep a constant tone it wanders all over the place ( as if something is about to drop,LOL). So no more of that untill I can sort that problem with lessons or something.

So keep at it and see you soon Rick


RicksPick 28.1

Jan 28, 2011

Well it's been 11 days, wow it goes quick. Still beating away with this blues tune, very slow progress. Just been away with my wife Cettina for 3days in York, but i was banned from taking my guitar, had a lovely time, on the last day we found a guitar shop for me to visit to ease the withdrawl, ended up getting a 12 string guitar, lol. So a good trip all round. Now need to get info on these beasts. Had a good jam last night with a friend even tried singing, well talking/singing but it's a start.

By for now


RicksPick 17.1

Jan 17, 2011

So how far have I got ? lol well not far, 7-9th barre's are proving a challenge for me so Im firing up Guitar Pro, slow it right down to 60bpm , see if I can get over the hump lol.


RicksPick 14.1

Jan 14, 2011

Hi, well Ive managed the first 2 barres of Mississippi Blues, nice and smooth even tryed to speed it up to somewhere near 100%, 3rd and 4th barres nearly there, alternating base love it.

More practce needed today maybe video myself but just for recording practice not for review, I got a new recording device, Kodak PlaySport that I need to play with.


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