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Totally guitars favorite altered tuning.

I hadn't used this tuning before joining totally guitars. It definately gives the guitar a unique sound.

There are two songs on totally guitars for this tuning. Both Steven Stills songs and they use the same chord shapes.
Three partial chord shapes played on the top two strings and a moveable shape played on the 6th and 3rd strings.

One thing about this tuning is that there are octaves available everywhere.
Play the same fret on the 6th and 4th strings and there is an octave which can be moved up and down the fretboard.
Same goes for the 2nd and 5th strings and the 6th and 3rd strings.
Just needs some experimenting with which frets it sounds good at.
You could of course learn your scales then it would probably be easier. For me it seems to be easier just to see what sounds right.

This tuning is very close to other D type tunings.

Open D tuning DADF#AD

are all similar in that only the third string is tuned differently. There are still the two open D strings on the 6th and 4th strings to alternate the bass to. Also if you know any licks in the other tunings (as long as they don't use the 3rd string) they can be used in daddad as well.

I've been praticing using differnt fingers on the same string when there are consecutive notes on the same string.
I'm at the beginning of using this technique, but it opens up a lot of possibilities for playing faster licks.

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The uploaded video is based on 4+20 but contains pretty much everything I have managed to learn about this tuning.



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Stephen Stills - "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" DADDAD tuning.written by greg Lawrence, September 05, 2012
try clear as the driven snow with a travis pick constant on the 6th and 4th string. 5th string may not be used so I guess you could used a DGDDAD and do the same thing. start on the 2nd string 9fr and hammer to 10th play 1st string 9th and pull off that will get you started used D shapes (std tuning) for the next part I'm working on the tab but its not yet ready for prime time NWwritten by news watch, June 04, 2010
Good Blog Mark, you got me tuning my guitar down and trying DADDAD last night. Never tried it before, but I see what you mean about the octave options. Had a look at 4+20 and went from there, cool tuning, its made for blues , and slide guitar. I'll definitely be looking at this more in the future, as well as studying your video and borrowing some of your playing Thanks Joe;D;Dwritten by heyjoe, March 07, 2010