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So I got some really great comments from you about my practice room.  Hey, I don't have any sage.  Do you think I could burn pine needles?  Anyway, the guest room has been improved as it is the best location in the house.  First I cleaned it.  Moved some furniture around a little.  I have two chairs to play guitar - my foot rest is sensibly placed.  I moved some junk out of there, and now my guitars are on stands where they are easily accessible.  I found a really cool little basket-thingie to hold my guitar books and music.  Music stand readily available.  The amp is set up by one chair - all I have to do is sit down and plug in.  I can still sit at the piano, and the room feels better.  I can even have guests without having to do anything !!  Hell, I might even start sleeping in this room.  I think I have a spot for the mic stand, and there is a great spot for my laptop to sit while I tune in to lessons.  The only thing I haven't figured out yet is where to put the camera when I want to video.  But I am getting there, and am actually anxious to go there to play.    I won't have to drag anything around..... it is all there.  I still have one guitar in the living room.  I take breaks from working and pick it up to goof off and de-stress.  So I think I am good.  Yes, I will try playing on my back deck.  Probably scare my wildlife away !!!  No headphones for Victor - TV in the living room and he is a television junkie.  So this should work.  Moving and adding on are not viable options.  Re-finishing the basement is tho, and that would be a great place to set everything up.  So I think I will put that on my radar and the next time I have $15,000 I can't figure out what to do with, I will just get right on that !!  Thanks for the comments !!


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Izzy, Empty the room and shampoo the carpet. then just sit in there on the floor and pray. Ask God how you should fix it up to be your new music room. Then as you move each piece of equipment in, take a moment to bless it. Nothing fancy, no big ceremony needed. When you're done setting it up, you will have a room that is home to you. A place you can go to play and relax. Your own little quiet room, although it won't always be quiet! LOLwritten by Andy , April 25, 2010
Izzy - You might consider removing the bed from your new music room and replacing it with a sofa bed. How often do you have people stay? and do you want to encourage them to stay longer with a comfy bed any way. A sofa bed still offers somewhere for people to sit when they come to visit you in your music room; it is better for sitting on if you want to read or relax without playing; you can still have a snooze on it in the afternoon if you want to, but it doesn't take up as much room. And with a little movement of furniture 'hey presto' it turns into a nice bed that's comfy, but not too comfy for when people come to stay. I'm betting that you spend more time playing and TGing in that room than guest spend in it. Be sweet to yourself and go the last step to make the best you of the space for your and your husband's needs. This is the philosophy Sue and I use for our spaces. We have 3 possible bed rooms; one actual. But, we have a room each for our activities (sounds like your husband has 'bagsed' - claimed - the living room). My room has a sofa bed in it and converts into another bed room when needed. Food for thought. Michelewritten by michelew, April 25, 2010