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Open G tuning

Dec 8, 2009

A know a few songs in open G.

Writing this blog makes me realise that I don't know very much much about Open G or any other tunings for that matter.
I don't know any chord shapes in Open G apart from barring accross all 6 strings.

It seems to me that chord shapes are much less of an issue with open tunings and open strings are used a lot more.

Some of the tunes I know come from a book called Progressive Open tunings by Brett Duncan. I think it is a good book although most of the tunes are pretty difficult.

Does any body know if there are any open G songs in the target program. I haven't seen any. Maybe I should ask this on the forum.

I've been back playing tunes in Open G for about the last 3-4 weeks. It's been a case of re-learning tunes I used to be able to play.

Here's what I know in Open G.

Special Rider Blues by Skip James.
If there was just one tune in Open G this would still make it retuning to this tuning.
It's a real slow blues tune (at least the way I play it)

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Since recording this yesterday I've watched some versions on youtube which are considerable faster. I think I still prefer it slow.
I recorded this yesterday with my new "one take only" philosphy. It turned out pretty well. I nearly always muck up the intro/turnaround and there was a "what the hell comes next" moment at the end of one of the sections.
Luckily the mistakes seem much less noticable on play back.

As it becoming tradition with my videos, my cat make an entrance at about 2.25

Penny for Thoughts by Peter Frampton
From Frampton comes alive. Not too difficult apart from a long ascending passage of 6ths (or is it 3rds) that goes right up the neck.

Spanish Spinster, Open and shut case and Jewels - all from the progressive open tuning book.
Spanish Spinster is a romantic type (some would say insipid) of song. I find this much more difficult than it should be. Wrong notes and buzzing strings everywhere.
Although it is getting better.