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Yesterday, Toto one of our cats went in for a operation on a stomach tumour and unfortunately didn't make it back. Fortunately even in the last few days he seemed relatively okay and was still enjoying life.

My partner, Lucy, had him for 12 or 13 years, ever since he wonder into the pub she was working at and made himself at home. They were insepertable, always cuddling each other evey night while watching TV and even doing the gardening together. The joke was always that they were in more of a relationship than Lucy and me. He would sleep right in the middle of the bed almost pushing me out of it.

Very much Lucy's cat, I just wasn't prepared for feeling the way I do about it.

Stan our other cat is still with us and hopefully will continue to make occasional appearances on my videos.


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Thanks everyone for your kind comments. It helps to know that other people understand. Reiver - I remember your post on button very well. It encouraged me to make my own post.written by mark , June 07, 2010
Mark - I seem to be having some trouble getting a comment added, but I'll have another go. ///// Really sorry to hear about your loss. You may remember that I lost my cat in December so I can recall all too easily the feelings that you went through - though I trust that the worst have passed now and you are able to think of Toto with fondness rather than sadness. I think the impact of such a loss takes us a bit by surprise and only time helps us get over it. You and Lucy have my condolences. written by reiver, June 06, 2010
Mark, sincere apologies for not noticing this sooner. I can remember only too well how you must have felt at Toto's passing. (You may recall that I lost my own cat, Button, back in December.) I hope and trust that by now those awful feelings have passed and you are able to recall Toto more with fondness than with sadness.written by reiver, June 05, 2010
When we lost our dog, it was such a hard blow to us. We both sat and just wept for a while. I can understand the pain the two of you feel. Our prayers go out to you. Pets are people too.written by Andy , June 04, 2010
Amazing , you never realise how much pets mean until they are gone. Must be really hard for Lucy losing a companion like that. Very sad , appreciate Stan a bit more now. condolences mate..written by Charles Wood , May 26, 2010
Mark, I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. Losing a pet is never easy, and it's hard to be prepared. I'm sure that this will be really hard on Lucy. Sounds like they were very close. My thoughts are with you!written by suziko, May 26, 2010