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About Totally Guitars & The Guitar Lessons

Learn more about Totally Gutiars, Neil and the teaching program that we offer.

Can I join the site for Free?

Definitely! Click here to sign up for a free account. Once you have confirmed your registration you will have instant access to the Free Beginners Blueprint and all other song lessons under the Free Lessons section and don't forget our Free Quick Tips, located under "Guitar Lessons" > Learn A Free Song > Free Quick Tips.

What is the Target Program?

The Target program is our core subscription program, with it you will be able to unlock access to ALL the lessons on the site, including the Acoustic Genius Series & Fly On The Wall lessons, which are offered exclusively to Target subscribers. With Target you also have the ability to work directly with Neil, you will unlock access to the "Ask Neil" section on the community forum and can upload videos of your practice sessions to the TARGET Student Reviews section, and Neil will provide feedback on how you can improve on the song you are practicing.

For more information about the Target program, click here.

What is the difference between Target & Target Lite?

Target Lite is a secondary subscription program that we offer, for a montly subscription rate of $12.99 you will be able to unlock access to two lessons each month, our Pay Per Lessons typically retail at $14.95, so for many the Target Lite program is an affordable solution. There are limitations to the Target Lite subscription, the lessons you add to your account can only be from our artist library and don't include the Theory & Technique lessons from the Acoustic Genius Series, Fly on the Wall lessons are also not avaialble as part of Target Lite either. Additionally, lessons that are chosen as part of the Target Lite subscription are only available for as long as the subscription is active. So, if you need to cancel the lessons will not appear accessible after the subscription expires. This does not mean you lose the lessons altogether, they are stil stored on your account and if you decide to rejoin in the future all your previously unlocked lessons will re-appear and you can pick up right where you left off. For more information on what you get for the Full Target Subscription, please review the details under "What is the Target Program".

Can I get access to just one or two lessons without a subscription?

Yes! Buying individual lessons, and lesson packs is easy! On the lesson pages use the "Get Pay Per Lesson" access button to add your lesson the cart. On the Streaming lesson packs, there is an add to cart button that can be used. Once you click the Add to Cart button, the page will refresh and a blue proceed to checkout button will appear. Click the checkout button when you are ready to complete your lesson purchase, and also remember to be logged into your account so that the system doesn't prompt you to create a new one. Navigate through the payment steps to complete your lesson purchase. Once you reach the confirmation page, please allow time for the lesson to propagate on the account, typically it should only take a few moments but we have had reports of it taking a few hours to propagate on the account, so please be patient. All purchased lessons are stored on the account with lifetime access and can be played at your convenience from the page titled "My Pay Per Lessons".

Are your lessons downloadable?

The lessons are only available for streaming on your account at TotallyGuitars.com and cannot be downloaded for access at this time. However, you can download the attachments associated with the lessons to be viewed when internet access is unavailable. If you have poor internet connection or intermitten internet, then you may want to consider one our DVD Packages, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to ask our support team about the latest DVD collections.

Can I contact Neil directly to ask questions or request lessons?

We recommend using the forum for all non-technical questions or contact with Neil. For lesson recommendations you can use our Recommend A Lesson page or the Request A Lesson forum thread. As a Target member you have access to the forum thread Ask Neil. For help with a particular lesson, you can post on the Acoustic Guitar Songs Thread. We have several useful threads on the TG Community Forum so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have about the lessons, guitar techniques, or if you just want to know what guitar Neil plays... (psst...his primary guitar is an Ed Claxton, but he also uses a Santa Cruz model in some of his lessons, but we won't tell you which ones ;) ) If you're having technical difficulties, then please check out our Technical FAQ's below, or simply email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and one of our team members will be back in touch within 24 hours.

Managing Your Account & Subscription

Learn how to manage your subscription, including how to access lessons, cancel recurring payments and getting the most out of your subscription program

Help! I Forgot My Log In.

If you cannot remember your username or password, then use the Forgot Password link to get a reset link emailed to you. You must have access to the email used when you subscribed, if you don't have access to the email account you used when you joined the site then please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and provide the email address or username for your account so that we can help you get logged in. Also provide your new email address so that we can update your account and make resetting your password easy for you in the future.

How Can I Cancel My Recurring Subscription

We hate to see you cancel, but if you must, you can use the "Cancel" link located at the bottom of your account billing page You are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time and still continue to access the lessons until your subscription end date. Please note that if your subscription is being paid via Paypal you will be redirected to Paypal and will have to log into your account to cancel the subscription, the subscription WILL NOT be canceled until it is done so on Paypal. Alternatively you can log into your Paypal account directly and use the following instructions to stop the recurring payments: 1. Click Profile near the top of the page. 2. Click My money. 3. Click Update in the My preapproved payments section. 4. Click Cancel, Cancel automatic billing, or Cancel subscription and follow the instructions.

I Signed up for a Free Account, what do I have access to?

Getting a free account with Totally Guitars is a great way to test out some of the lessons we offer, and really get a feel for whether our teaching style is right for you. The first place we recommend you start on the Beginners Blueprint, this lesson series is perfect for the absolute beginner as well as those players that may need a refresher. Once you finish up the Beginners Blueprint, or if you simply want to check out our song library, head over to our Free Lessons page to preview 62 lessons from our extensive collection. We also have a collection of quick Guitar Tips, that you can find from the Guitar Lessons tab, under Learn a Free Song.

I Signed up for a subscription, now what?

First off, thank you for joining one of our subscription programs! It's members like you that help us to keep doing what we love, which is offering you amazing guitar lessons :) There are two ways to access lessons with your new subscription, read the one that is applicable for you For The Target Program: With the Target subscription you now have access to any and all lessons of the lessons we have listed on the site. We typically recommend that you start working on Theory and Techniques in the Acoustic Genius Series, there are lessons that range from beginner to advanced that you can help to improve your current guitar skills. Once you complete the Acoustic Genius Series you will have no problem learning the songs you love from our vast library of lessons. Use our filter drop downs to narrow down lesson criteria to help find the lessons you would like to practice. As part of the Target program you also have access to the "Ask Neil" section on the forum, post any lesson questions or just general questions about playing guitar there and Neil will reply back with advice and feedback. You can also start using the Target Student Reviews section to upload videos of yourself practicing and Neil will provide feedback through a video response to help you improve. Target Lite Program: If you just joined the Target Lite program then you will need to add lessons to your account before they are accessible. Once you're logged in, navigate to the page My Target Lite, you will find a complete list of song lessons available to choose from. Once you have added your first lesson choices you can access them right away. If you would like to preview a lesson before adding it to your account, then use our Master Menu list, find the lesson you wish to preview and select the "Free Preview" link to access the Youtube video preview. Note: If you are viewing the lessons through a mobile device, the Free Preview link will not appear on the lesson page, however you can review the free previews directly on our Acoustic Guitar Lessons Youtube Channel"

How can I add lessons to "My Favorites"?

Adding lessons to your Favorites page is simple. Navigate to the lesson page that you wish to save, and click on the "Set as favorite" link that is located on the bottom right hand corner of the page just above the footer.

How Can I Update My Username or Password

You can update your password at any time from the Billing Page using the "Change Password/Edit Profile" link at the top. If you wish to update your username please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to our support team, provide your current username and the username you would like to have, keep in mind that if the username you want is already in use then we will not be able to honor your request, provide a few alternative variations in case the username you want is not available.

How Do I Access My New Lesson?

All lesson purchases are stored on the page titled "My Pay Per Lessons", you can find all your new lesson purchases there. Remember that you must be logged into the account that you used to purchase your lessons in order to access them. For accessing lessons as part of the Target or Target Lite subscription programs, please see question: "I signed up for a subscription, now what?" above.

How do I add lessons to my Target Lite?

First, you need to log in to your account. Then you'll need to go to the page titled "My TARGET Lite" located on the top menu under the “Guitar Lessons” tab, or on the left menu (almost at the bottom) under “My Account”. When you land on that page, you'll see the list of artists and songs available for the Target Lite members, so each month you can go there and choose the two lessons you'd like to add to your account. Once you choose them, you'll find them stored in the same page at the top where is says "My Target Lite", just before the list of songs and artists begin. And remember that you must be logged in to access your lessons, so if the message "You are currently logged in" does not appear in the top right hand corner, then you will need to log in to access the lessons on your account.

Do My Target Lite Lessons Accumulate?

Unfortunately, at this time our system is not able to accommodate an accumulation of lessons for Target Lite and will only detect if lessons were not added for that month. If you've already missed adding some lessons, we are happy to help you catch up, just drop us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the titles of the songs you would like to have added to your account and we can manually update them for you, but please stay diligent on adding your new lessons each month, while we work on a system that allows you to add lessons for previous months, it's underway we promise!"

Where is my account verification link?

If you just created your account, please allow up to 5 minutes for the link to arrive in your email, remember to check junk and spam folders just in case it is filtered from your inbox. If the verification email isn't in junk or spam, and you've waited long enough, then please Click here to request a new link to be sent or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to our support team and we can manually verify the account for you. Please note that if you signed up while purchasing a lesson, you many need to go through the purchase process a second time, following the verification of your account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working to improve this process for our members."

How Do I Reinstate My Target or Target Lite Subscription

If your subscription was cancelled and you would like to rejoin, you can do so from the account Billing Page. Log in with your current username and password, if you don't remember then click here to reset your password. Once you're logged in choose the subscription option you would like to reinstate and hit continue. If you were a Target Lite member, please use this link to resubscribe, your previous lessons will re-appear on your account as long as you use your previous account information." I have an active Totally Guitars account, but can't make any purchases If you are getting an error that your account needs to be verified when you proceed to checkout the link to re-verify your account is not reaching your email then please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to our support team so that we can manually verify the account. Even if you have already verified your account in the past, actions like too many password resets or incorrect log in attempts appear fraudulent and trigger our system to lock the account and require a new verification. We can quickly resolve this for you so please don't hesitate to contact us. Whoa! You charged me for a subscription that I didn't authorize Uh Oh! We're sorry you don't want to continue your subscription, that makes us sad but we certainly don't want you to continue paying for something you aren't satisfied with. All our subscriptions are set to recur automatically and will continue to auto-renew until they are cancelled, this the way that our system is set up and is most convenient for the majority of our members. If you absolutely do not want to continue your subscription, then please take a moment to cancel out the recurring payments on your account, you can do this from the Billing page scroll down to the bottom and hit cancel to avoid another renewal in the future. For more detais on how to cancel your recurring payment please review "How Can I Cancel My Recurring Subscription?" above."

How do I update my credit card on file?

If you recently received a notification that we were unable to process your subscription renewal, you will need to update the card details we have on file, this can be done from the account billing page, click on Update Credit Card Info link to update the exisitng card details we have on file, which will continue your subscription. If you don't see the Update Credit Card Info link, then your subscription has expired and you will need to run through the subscription process again, whichever pricing you had on your account prior to the cancellation will show on the billing page, so choose your preferred pricing point and continue through a new subscription process. Note, if you were subscribed to Target Lite and need to re-subscribe then use this link for the Target Lite option. Once you reach the order confirmation page you will once again have access to the lessons that were included in your subscription.

Technical Difficulties

Video not playing, unable to access lessons from mobile devices and more resolutions to pesky technical problems can be found here.

I Can't Access The Lessons, I'm Just Getting a Black Screen

At this time our website still uses flash player and In order to play the video lessons you must have the Flash Player plug-in installed on the browser you are using to access the lessons. You can use the link below to download and install flash onto your current browser. https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Alternatively you can use the Google Chrome browser which has flash player integrated into the browser itself, this ensures that the plug in is always updated and available to you without the need for your to run updates. If you are accessing the lessons with a mobile device, iPad, Android Tablet, Smartphone, etc. We do have a built in work around you can use. Once you are on the lesson page you will need to select the lesson part you wish to view, the video box will go black, but clicking the lesson part again will load in the video and it will stream perfectly on your mobile browser. We understand that it may feel like a hassle but it is our only solution at this time, we are constantly working to improve our processes and will have updates in the future to make mobile streaming much easier."

Where are the attachment for the lessons?

There are quite a few lessons on Totally Guitars that don't include attachments, but for good reason. Neil is a firm beliver in the "teach a man to fish" concept, meaning he would rather teach students how to actually play guitar instead of just teaching you how to copy a song note for note. Some of the lessons omit the attachments because we want to encourage students to view the video and listen to the notes being played in order to recognize them by ear. Neil will drop plenty of hints throughout the lesson to help you learn the song and of course we have our community forum that is more than happy to help fellow members in need. If the song you are working on is missing attachments and you are absolutely unable to progress, then drop a note on our Community Forum - Acoustic Guitar Songs Thread, include the name of the song you're working on and details on where you need help. Neil is super active on the community forum and is happy to chime in to help you move past any hurdles throughout your guitar learning journey.

What are the Guitar Pro Files and How Do I Access Them

All .gpx or .gp5 files are formatted for use with the Guitar Pro Software Program, this program is a third-party software program that many of our members find useful to use in conjunction with the video lessons. Keep in mind that you don't have to use the program in order to access the lessons, it is simply an extra tool that can help you with the lessons. Guitar Pro does offer a free trial version so you can test out the various features of the program, keep in mind that the trial will not allow files to imported but you can test drive it to see if the program would be useful to you.

I Joined Target But Can't Access Any Lessons?

If you joined the full Target program then make sure you are logged into your account when accessing the lessons, check the top right hand corner of the site to ensure it shows the message "You are currently logged in". Sometimes members may end up with more than one account, double check your billing page to ensure the account you're logged into does have an active Target subscription, you can find your subscription history at the bottom of the page. If you subscribed to Target Lite, you will need to add lessons to your account before any of the lessons are accessible, click here to access your Target Lite page.

I'm having playback issues/video freezes

If you're having trouble with performance, there are a couple things you can do that may improve playback on the site: - First, make sure you have the current version of Firefox or Chrome. You may download the latest version, just to be sure. (Do not use Internet Explorer) - Clear your cache /temp files. You can do this from you internet options or settings section. If your browser is already up to date, then simply try clearing out your browser cache to see if that fixes the problem. If the problem continues, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to our support team, so you can get further assistance."