Tone for Fingerstyle Players - Doug Young - Guitar Lesson
Acoustic Genius Series - AGS Theory
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Everything sounds better if you get a great tone. In these videos, Doug explores a few ways to improve your tone, and looks at the impact of both hands on tone.

In Part 1 (Right/Picking Hand) Doug talks about the effect of nails – shape, smoothness, length, and more on getting a good fingerstyle tone.

Part 2 (Left/Fretting Hand) explores some of the fretting hand techniques that help produce a good tone, focusing on different vibrato techniques that can make your sound more interesting and dramatic.

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Thanks Doug! I use acrylic nails but I go go the shop weekly. I'd never make it to 3 weeks like you! For those who are reluctant to get acrylic nails on your right hand, they make a huge difference. Yes, the first time at the salon was a little strange, but except for their looking a little whiter than those on the left hand, they don't look much different. When people do notice, it gives me a chance to brag about playing fingerstyle guitar. Acrylics have given me the freedom to play guitar more and fuss with nails less. written by crashcup, November 16, 2013