Beginning Lesson #1
Acoustic Genius Series - AGS Techniques
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Alright I like taking the lessons... I hope Im not out of line when I say that I think its going a little fast on the part where your learning the for the first time the notes to the melody...:)written by jdavis922, May 15, 2010
okay, got through this one painlessly enough ;) Had to rewind a couple of times to remember the strings played and what fret, but that was before i realized ther was a link to the pdf file with the tab!! moving on with confidence!!!written by Brad Jones, April 24, 2010
I've finished lesson 1, part 4...ready for lesson 2. thanks bob q.written by Bob Quinlan, February 21, 2010
going from the basics. I have done first two parts of lesson #1 and ready to move on to part 3. I love the common sense approach. I can't wait to wow with with "Norwegian Wood" thanks bob q.written by Bob Quinlan, February 20, 2010
I've watched part 1 a couple of times and I know if I keep going over it I should get it. I'm having 2 issues right away: When I push down behind the fret then the string is tight enough that no nice sound comes out of it. Secondly, I'm wondering if you have something somewhere so that I can at least write the notes on the lines because I'm not prepared to read anything at all.written by Sophie Brown, December 25, 2009
Great Beginner lesson :-)written by kevin mccarter, June 14, 2009
on the 1st page Beginning Lesson #1 there is a link Lesson Notes that will bring up a pdf that has the tableturewritten by Randy Dixon, May 13, 2009
In part four of lesson one Neil says there is tableture and he goes on to explain how to read it, but I have no idea how to get it.written by Ed Putnam, May 08, 2009
Another Update: Ok, I may have spoken too soon. When I wrote my last post it was pretty early in the morning here (Germany) so not many people awake and online in my area. I'm not sure if that makes much of a difference but my husband the computer geek said that it could. It's several hours later now and I am trying to watch videos again and they are back to doing the whole choppy thing again :sigh: basically unwatchable for me... I really thought I had this beat. :( So now I'm really hoping that we can get the "normal" quality video to run at the same quality that the regular TG videos run at, for us poor souls who are on older machines and can't afford to upgrade. Save the "high" quality for those who are lucky enough to be able to run it. written by Teresa Laliberte, May 02, 2009