Beginning Lesson #2
Acoustic Genius Series - AGS Techniques
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I had always used the index finger and middle finger for the G chord, makes sense to use the middle finger and the ring, but the pads of my ring finger are damping the A string! Not sure if my nails are too long... grr, change is hard. written by a guest, August 08, 2010
yeah i agree, the " new to me" G chord is much better that the 123 i was using too!! And old habits are tough to change, very aggravating! But persevering and moving on...-Bradwritten by Brad Jones, April 25, 2010
Been hacking around with the guitar on and off for 40 years. Unfortunately, never in a structured, organized or consistent way, so I've got A LOT of really bad habits and poor chord forms. I'm going back to 'square one' to see what I can clean up and improve things overall, and so far, I like the approach. I already 'see' the sense in the '2-3-4' G rather than the '1-2-3' I've always used, though it is a bit of a challenge to break the old habit.written by James Price, March 14, 2010
Hi Neil, I've been playing off and on since I was about 15...most off in my latter years. Now that I'm approaching 47 I'm really enjoying these organized lessons and learning so much more (obviously) then just picking things up here and there. I would rate myself more as an intermediate however I'm starting at your Beginner level and appriciate all the tips. This is a great process...Thankswritten by Mick McArdle, December 27, 2009
Neil, hi. I really have to thank you for all the work you are putting into this site. I have been trying to teach myself how to play guitar for about ten months now using a variety of methods. I wanted to get the basics down before I spent money and got myself a teacher. In that time I had developed a amazing amount of really bad habits that probably have prevented me from making any kind of progress. I am now re-learning the instrument from the beginning with your guidance and although it is frustrating to move "backwards" the sound and feeling of my playing and the way I think about my left hand has changed so much that I can now begin to feel as if a greater variety of music is available to me. Many thanks! NYDwritten by NYD, May 30, 2009
WOW, I have a lot to UN-learn. Holding a pick properly.. making a G chord. I'm up for it, though!written by Al Rosen, May 01, 2009
Thank you for describing so well the upstroke not being fretted when you do a cord change. I was just figuring out that was happening, but now it's clear what I need to practice. As well as your G cord.written by map4242, April 30, 2009
I find that the normal videos play easier while still looking very clear full screen. Plus they stream smoothly with my 3G cell phone connected to my computer for my internet connection. An online speed test shows it averages about 768k/s (with 3 bars) which is a fairly slow DSL speed. written by map4242, April 30, 2009
Neil, This was a good lesson for me. I never thought about having a lead finger when making a chord. That really works! Thankswritten by Johnny Shaver, April 27, 2009