Take A Pebble - Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Guitar Lesson
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members The first ELP album included the original version of Take A Pebble, a song that started out as an acoustic ballad by Greg Lake but became a keyboard showcase under the hands of Keith Emerson.

In recent years Greg Lake has been performing it as the ballad he wrote.

This lesson takes a “work it out”, ear training approach where you can see what strings are being played and the challenge is to figure out as much of the arpeggios as you can.

All is revealed by the end, and the student should be able to put it together without tab or a chart.

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bugger - I hoped tis was the central hoe down bit as you call it - it's a bit more than that I thinkwritten by caperjeff, December 12, 2016