Romanza (Trad. Spanish Ballad)
Songs & Artists - Classical Guitar

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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members This is a piece that I like all my students to learn at one time or another. It has a simple arpeggio going on in the right hand but some complicated concepts and techniques for the left. There are many arrangements out there and this one is basically the one I grew up with in the book World's Favorite Series (#43, I think), where it is called Spanish Ballad.

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Great lesson Neil, have just had my classical guitar mended, it seems about twice the size of my steel string. The left hand is getting a bit bit of grief and the full bars are a bit difficult, but all good practice. Pete IOWwritten by bigears, March 31, 2013
Hi Neil, This is a fantastic iesson! just love it! im hopeing that you will do the Adelita lesson soon. regardswritten by zen959, March 09, 2013
I had this tab for some years now from a guitar class I took back in college but we never got to finish the song. It's good to finally complete the song.Thanks Neil for the section on expression. Keep he classical pieces coming. How about "asturias" or "prelude" Johann Sebastian Bach!?written by Jorge Quintero, August 16, 2009
Neil, Thanks for adding this. I have been working hard on Classical Gas and while I wouldn't play that in public yet it is coming along nicely. Romanza is a great piece and I am printing the music today so I can start tonight. Later gator,written by Glen Volk, August 05, 2009
Hello Neil,long i feld for this song and i've tryed and stopt, but now i try again, thanks for the technics,dynamics,expression,vibrations, so for you also a much vibrations//tha-a-a-aa-nks!!written by willem last, July 30, 2009
Hi Neil, Fantastic song, especially for me and especially today. This day is a special one for me and my wife. Today we have the 4th Anniversary of our marriage. This song, Romanza was played on our wedding (during the ceremony) on a classical guitar by my first guitar teacher. When I started playing the guitar, I was a so called "classical guitarist", playing etudes from Carulli, Carcassi and others. I used to play Romanza as well, but to be honest, my version was not as bright as yours :) I haven't played it for almost 3 years. So this is the day we are celebrating, this is the day when you published your version of this magical song, our wedding song. What a coincidence! I take it as a sign for learning Romanza again and many-many thanks for this windfall! Your page is the one I was always looking for. I'm a Hungarian guy from Budapest (sorry for my poor English). Best regards to all of you, Laszlowritten by Laszlo Szabo, July 29, 2009