Quicksand (Hogan)
Songs & Artists - Neil Hogan (Instrumentals)

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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members One of Neil's popular instrumental pieces is Quicksand, the opening tune on his album El Dorado. There are five parts to the song, most based on a fairly standard chord progression but using a combination of picking patterns involving partially arpeggios and partially alternate picking to bring out the melody lines. The concluding part to Quicksand includes a segment on the arrangement as well as a Split Screen video with the entire song.

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George Hawks here.....Wow what a great piece of music! written by georgehawks, July 16, 2013
Wow Neil~ Been working on this for about 3 weeks. Up to section E today. Working on Linus & Lucy at the same time. Quicksand is positively a work of art. Great finger exerciser. This is a song to spread over time. THX/CM written by hogman, August 19, 2011
So I'm back from vacation and am looking to tackle the final section. I hope you'll be releasing it soon! :)written by tvarga, March 24, 2011
This lesson is being released as part of our Drip Feed Series, meaning in multiple parts released over a period of time. It is only available as part of the TARGET program right now.written by TGNeil, February 23, 2011
How do you add this to cart?written by hogman, February 22, 2011
Excellent!!!written by waggis, February 16, 2011
Another great lesson. I really like this one. Hope I can stick it out.written by lmc831, February 05, 2011
Great Job Neil! Will definitely be learning this one...Thanks!written by mike_t57, February 05, 2011