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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Neil teaches an acoustic version of this classic Neil Young tune. It is done in Double Dropped D tuning. Check these links for Fly On The Wall videos of Ohio.

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I play this song beginning with an Em chord then G and D. For the chorus I play Am and D wh8ch lets me play the individual notes using D sus2 and Dsus4. Is this OK?. Thanks.written by tommy48, November 09, 2013
super good lesson...icould'nt belive how easy i picked it up and i've only been playing for 9 months "There's something to be said about clairity!"written by ken, September 15, 2009
Neil makes it pretty simple and clear, this is a very easy song by CSN&Y, it can also be played in Am,C,G for a lower vocal range although the double dropped D is the accurate tuning and provides the correct rhythm.written by Wilson Arthur, May 31, 2009
Neil, After the introduction, which chords do we strum in the singing part? Souds like the D5, then the C, then what? Please help! Rex Wardwritten by Rex Ward, May 31, 2009
Love playing along with you, it makes me feel like I can almost play something on the guitar.written by Mario Chiappetta, May 23, 2009
I have been playing this in Am for years and use the double drop D for lots of other songs this was an easy migration for me to the double drop D and sounds much more accurate. I have been using the EEEEBE tuning a lot since learning Suite Judy Blues Eyes and 4+20 and the DADDAD tuning as well, CSN rocks with the alternate tunings.written by Wilson Arthur, May 16, 2009
If all the lesons are like this, maybe i'll pay 20 a month for targetwritten by Nol Molfetta, May 02, 2009
I'm new to the web site and guitar. great lessons here.written by tommy, April 28, 2009
The links to to John's lesson parts 1/2 don't seem to be working ...written by Simon Sangster, April 26, 2009