The Needle And The Damage Done Guitar Lesson - Neil Young
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members As Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young were headed down their Four-Way Street, Neil put together a group of country musicians that he called the Stray Gators and recorded songs in Nashville with guests like James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt. The Needle And The Damage Done is a pretty simple folk song in 4/4 time that uses an 8-measure progression. It is played with a pick in a chord-melody style where melody notes are individually picked out in the middle of strumming.

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As usual this is a great lesson, but I'm a bit confused about something. In the video breakdown of the intro, in the measure of Dsus2/C, Neil plays the low C as the bass note on each beat of the measure; yet in the tab, the low C is the bass note only on the first and third beats of that measure. There is a similar inconsistency between the video and tab on the G6/B and Gm6/Bb measures. Which is the correct way of playing it, or is either way equally correct? written by profd65, December 13, 2014
Wow! Another great lesson masterfully taught. Neil no ka oi. Mahalo e aloha from Mauiwritten by mikaele, June 01, 2010
I've been fiddling with that tune for years and never had the suspended stuff explained so clearly, thankyou. Love the little hammer and slide on A and D in the cross over.written by Deidre Fletcher, April 24, 2010
Hi Neil, Nice lesson. I was able to pick this up and off to practice it for the rest of the week. Great site and thank you for providing such a great service. Mattwritten by mattv, September 12, 2009
Hey Neil, Excellent lesson, keep them comming. I love to learn Neil Young songs. Martywritten by Marty, April 30, 2009
When trying to access the lesson notes I receive an exception stating that the file is corrupt and un-repairable. Thanks, Scottwritten by Scott Stiles, April 28, 2009
Thanks to you Neil I got to know the artist and actually be able to play it!!! This is so important to be able to play bands we love and even more to discover some new bands!!!! that s what music is for Now I love Neil youung and started buying his albums Thanks!!!! Vincentwritten by vincent lagautriere vi, April 28, 2009