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Songs & Artists - Grateful Dead

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Hi Neil, where is the video for this song?written by bobmac, July 30, 2017
nice skateboard:)written by brynbryn, April 02, 2010
Would be fun to see the rest of the band's chart. The bass guitar for example has lots of interesting notes on this song. There is a second guitar and also a Mandolin part. Can you come up with all of that? Our band has 14 people at times and so we could do all the parts. written by guitarsandmore805, March 09, 2010
Neil: this is a gem of a song which brings back lots of nostalgia and you play it "cleanly", bluegrass style. I hope more of your students let it into their heads. It has a beautiful, loping bass line. I will be signing up soon and this will be one of my first tunes to learn a bit better, along with Ventura Highway.written by Jeff, August 11, 2009
I just can't see how all the notes are made .. need to see close up of the chords you're using .. Please. Thankswritten by Gus Gustin, April 21, 2009
Great job on Friend of the devil this is helping me out big time thankswritten by patrick Sullivan, April 03, 2009
amazing sitewritten by Bill, March 29, 2009
I'd still like to see the various options of playing it demonstrated more. Thanks!written by Chris Dowling, March 22, 2009
Hi Neil, I'd like to learn 'Friend of the devil'. You mention chord charts and lyrics in your video. Where can I find them on your site? Thanks from a newbie, Collinbwritten by Collin B, March 21, 2009