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Nicely done beginner lesson. It would be great if you could do a lesson with the full tab and solowritten by giglio, June 30, 2012
hi neil ive owned a guitar for 40 years .pick up a while set it down for a while and so on .never really got good enough to satisfy myself (get discouraged) wich took the fun out of it.i could play a little of this song and a little of that but nothing complete.i have learned more in the past two weeks after discovering your web site than i have in 40 years im 53 now and my reflexs arnt getting any better.but thanks to you i am playing better than ever and the (correct way) and really enjoying myself.i cant wait to get home from work and pick up my wife is wondering whats gotten in to me lol. she used to hate it when i picked up my guitar now she encourges me to play.thanks neil for helping fullfill a life time ambition.i really look forward to joining your target program but times are tough right now barley keeping my head above water.but hopfully things will get better before long and when they do my first goal is to join (cant wait). thank you verry verry much mike miller written by mike miller, February 26, 2010
First time user—I really appreciated the detailed break down on the strum pattern and the timing for the sequence of chords used for the intro. Best instructional video I've experienced. Mahalo!written by mikaele, October 07, 2009
Have watched several lessons on youtube and was very impressed with the detail. I have been playing for a short time and have reached a wall. I'm confident my signing up will allow me to fully complete the training I need to be a good recreational guitar player.written by Don MacIntyre, September 13, 2009
Hello Neil. one week ago,i regerstry on your site. I love the way you explain every thing. When i was 11 i starting whits guitar playing. Onley it was for a short time. Many years later i will pich it up. Thats now 2 years ago.and i love it. 7 days a week i play guitar. Your site gifs me more,for better playing on my guitars. Greetz Antonwritten by Anton, July 13, 2009
Neil, thank you. The way you teach is easy, fast and very clear. I have seen many places about guitar lessons and you have the only STEP BY STEP with comments about the song and so... thats very interesting. Congratulations...written by Luis Cortes Franco, July 08, 2009
Hi Neil ! I am for the first time on your site. Great job !!! I am very very happy having found this.written by Michael Marz, July 08, 2009
Hi Neil Just signed up for target program. I can't seem to find any specific videos for target members. Am I looking in the wrong place or are the not added on yet?written by Phillip O'Neill, June 17, 2009
Neil: When you play the d chord after the a minor & e major chord is the D chord played twice then back to the a minor chord, i seem to be get out of rythm here. written by countryboy0925, May 23, 2009