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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members The latest project has been Yesterday, where we take a look at both a guitar accompaniment version and a solo guitar arrangement. The accompaniment version is pretty much the way Paul played it and is a simple way to back up the vocal part. The instrumental arrangement is an intermediate-level fingerpicking piece that uses more of an arpeggio style than alternating bass notes.

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Your initial playing of the song is beautiful. I think, forgive me Sir paul, the best version I have ever heard. I am going to put it in my target march 1written by johnjamesg, February 13, 2014
Thanks for this lesson. It's a beautiful song. I'm learning it today after watching the imagine interview. I haven't looked at the lesson before because I was intimidated by the 6 grading and had decided to tackle it later. I'm learning the accompaniment version which is obviously much easier than a 6. It would be great if you could put multiple gradings on lessons that have more than one version/lesson in them and different gradings. Great lesson. Thank you! Michelewritten by michelew, January 19, 2010
Hey Meil et al, Just a brief note to how grateful I am for this site. I signed up for the target program just a short while back and have learned so much already. Thank you. written by Glenn Tassey, December 22, 2009
Thanks for describing how you do the 'finger roll' technique. I've seen it in a few vids now and was wondering how you got that sound. As you said- maybe a short lesson on it would be good as well? Alwritten by AcousticAl, August 03, 2009
Hi, The play-through matches the D tuning shown in the accompaniment, but the slow-it-down section is standard E tuning. Am i missing something? It's not a big deal, but having only one guitar it's a teeny bit of a pain tuning it back and forth. Hmm maybe a capo on the 2nd fret for the slow-it-down segment. --Timwritten by Tim Conama, July 02, 2009
this is a test ... that's how we learn, i'm toldwritten by Pierre Petit, June 16, 2009
Hi Neil, Thank you for adding a "sing along" segment to the lesson on The Beatles' "Yesterday". It's a great help to see how lyrics coordinate to the playing technique, and I hope you'll do more of this. One (humble) suggestion: Please feel free to HAM IT UP ... it's no news to you that many songs are great because they were sung by unashamed HAMS rather than great singers (hmmm ... why does Alice Cooper come to mind?). Be certain that I really appreciate the quality of this site. written by cosmicmechanic, June 05, 2009
This is maybe the best solo version for intermediate level guitar players I ever seen on the web. The explanation on the finger positions is very helpful. The implementation of the rolling technique makes this version unique. Thanks for the excelent TAB and the detailed explanation. In my opinion "Yesterday" can be played only as an instrumental version. Easy versions do not work.written by kirbySfan, June 02, 2009