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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members In this lesson we work on transcribing a piano song into a guitar song, trying to duplicate the piano sound and chord voicings as much as possible. The ‘Project” part of this is that it will be presented as a series of progressive segments put out once a week or so to give everybody time to come up with their own solutions and discoveries. I hope this evolves into a Community Project where people post their thoughts and progress as we move along. In Part 1 the assignment or goal is laid out, starting with just the chord progression and direction on how the bass notes and 3-string chords can be found on the guitar.

Part 2 reviews chord formulas and shows some voicings for a couple of the chords.

Part 3 of our Fool On The Hill Project breaks out some of the possible solutions and directs you to look for different areas of the neck for the best sound.

Part 4 talks a bit about texture changes and presents the way I think sounds closest to the original.

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George- Thanks for all your recent comments and yes, these comments all get seen by the office. A couple of yours' on this lesson seem a bit confusing but we appreciate them none the less. Neilwritten by TGNeil, August 02, 2013
Great idea for a lesson Neil. A good practical lesson on discovering new chord voicings along the fretboard and a nice follow up to your Lead Secrets:Triads lesson. Just brilliant!written by tombo1230, August 01, 2013
Do these comments get reviewed by the office?Can we say what we want too?Does it even matter to have someone elses opinion?I could help alot of beginners with things that time restraints make impossible.Dont know if it matters.Oh well......written by georgehawks, August 01, 2013
Who does that one guy think he is?This is a Great lesson.Maybe he cant play the guitar at all.Thanks Neilwritten by georgehawks, August 01, 2013
My opinion is that this will be an outstanding learning experience. I'm already working on ideas and I haven't finished watching the video outiline. I am really into knowing the thinking process ideas. written by framus26, August 01, 2013
What a cool lesson Neil, am definitely on it!:)written by tgvanessa, July 31, 2013
This was like a fine meal with no seasoning.Any champion boxer looses from time to time.Good try but i am going to sit these out.No loss of love.Thanks Neilwritten by georgehawks, July 31, 2013