I've Just Seen A Face Free Guitar Lesson
Songs & Artists - Beatles
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members This addition to our Free Lesson library is from the Beatles album Rubber Soul- I've Just Seen A Face. This arrangement uses a bluegrass style accompaniment with the addition of hammer ons in the bass, as well as some passing bass notes connecting the chords.

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Totally frustrating, none of the free lessons work, all I can get is a short preview, I click on the link but nothing happens. How could anyone like this site. I will stick to what's available on youtubewritten by funguskhan, July 02, 2017
I agree. The Teacher promises it with every video and he seems like a great teacher. Another scam?written by popman, January 27, 2016
Where is the "FREE" lesson? written by henryp, May 30, 2015
Unfortunately is seems, no access to free lessons is given after signing up, or it is impossible to sign in with the account you have just created. This is hardly persuasive to join any paid programme.written by NDani1991, February 28, 2012