Desperado - Guitar Lesson
Songs & Artists - Eagles
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Desperado is the title song from The Eagles second album. Glenn Frey and Don Henley wrote it with Glenn playing the piano. This guitar lesson is mostly a strumming one with the addition of transcribing the intro into a nice little guitar solo. There are basically two parts but each one is done a little differently each time, making a chord chart a little difficult to lay out. This is the first (and possibly only) time I have included a page with the chords over the words.

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Very nice lesson-the only thing that would have helped me out would be chord diagrams on the tab as there are some chords I haven't seen before. I will figure them out from the video and tab but a chord diagram would be very nice when there are uncommon chords like the G9, Cm6, G11, Gsus4/2. I felt the same way about "The Heart of the Matter" lesson-nice lesson but chord diagrams would be helpful for a few of those chords. Thank you though-nice lesson. written by montavillan, April 29, 2017
Hi OrionRob, Sorry to hear you are having trouble, it appears you may be logging in with the wrong account details. I'll shoot you an email with the correct log-ins so that you can start practicing!written by tgjameela, July 03, 2014
I can not get any other parts of a lesson other than the preview lesson. Thoughts? I just joined last night as a member, so do i have to wait to accessthe other parts?written by orionrob5083385, July 03, 2014