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Hallelujah Guitar Lesson - Leonard Cohen
Songs & Artists - Leonard Cohen

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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Hallelujah is one of many Cohen songs that got more recognition by other artists, this one in particular by Jeff Buckley. His compelling recording a few years before his untimely death moved anyone who heard it. Hallelujah is considered by many to be one of the greatest songs of all time. This lesson looks at few different renditions, including Jeff Buckley’s and Kate Voegele’s

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Man, I wish people would quit whining about lack of tab at all these videos. Neil tells and shows you EXACTLY how to play these songs--why do you need tab?? Even if there is tab posted at a song (as there is for this one now), I don't bother looking at it. written by profd65, November 17, 2014
I'm sorry to hear you feel ripped off Brianmrz. I can't follow you though, there are several tabs for this lesson, including a chordsolo arrangement. Please check again.written by TGVanessa, August 26, 2014
I can't believe there is NO TAB for the song. What are you teaching?????? Read the comments below, they are all saying the same thing. I am not as polite as everyone else though. I feel totally ripped off. There is no lesson worth anything here. What a jokewritten by briansmrz, August 25, 2014
Bruce, I just happened to run into your questions and the best way to contact us about a particular song is to make a post on the Forum. That is monitored regularly and frequently someone in the TG Community will have the answer. In this case, I am working on finding time to tab out a solo, not necessarily exactly the way I improvised it in the lesson but close. Hopefully in a week or two. Neilwritten by TGNeil, December 07, 2013
IS there a "contact us" option so a question will be answered? I see the same comments here but no replies…kinda frustrating written by brucesd, December 06, 2013
Hey Neil, I loved the melody play through but notice the tab is "still " not available to those of us not musically inclined enough to work it through for ourselves. The melody is the reason I purchased the lesson. Is the tab going to be available soon? written by brucesd, December 02, 2013
I have to agree with the previous posters. I don't understand why the tab for the playthrough isn't available. If we could simply watch the video and put the melody together for ourselves, we wouldn't need lessons! I see this lesson has been posted for a long time, but I hope Neil will consider adding the tab for the playthrough. written by Veronica24, October 16, 2013
Could you please supply the tabs for the Melody part of this song . I am finding it a bit difficult to work this bit out. THANKSwritten by mpcook, July 21, 2012
Oh boy. I bought this lesson based on the play through in the preview only to find no music or tabs for it. Is there a chance that you might include the tabs for your creative play through. Thats all i'm really interested in. Not as much in the other versions. I love the instrumentals. I can try to play with it on my own but would really appreciate your detail in doing an instrumental with it as I felt you demonstrated so well and its just not obtainable anywhere else. Thank you so much for this site. Its the best.written by wamb2000, November 27, 2011