September 2009 - Video Competition
Competition - Competition

This competition is now closed to new entries. (but keep working on your additions ..let us know if you have some late creations - we will work something new out if you want to keep playing)

Summary - Create a video that was fun and involving that encapsulates the experience of TG for you...submit the video onto the forum. You can view the original forum thread for this competition click here

Two prizes on offer - For the winning entry Target member we have a FLIP HD camcorder:

For Non-TARGET member a year membership to the TARGET program for free.

Rules - simply no stuff that insults , is nasty etc etc , use your head, Judges decision will be final, their will be a voting process for everyone to participate in, minimum of 10 votes required for a win, one vote per user, no monkey business....Final decision is in the judges hands.

Voting is closed. To see the entries click here.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you watch all the videos first before voting! Remember you only get one vote! The system does not allow you to change your vote. (Do not ask support to reset your vote they can't)

All entries will participate in an exclusive Live show to be scheduled with Neil and I so all entries will be winners!