October 2009 - T-Shirt Competition
Competition - Competition

After the superb effort of all the participants in the video competition, we wanted to create a simple competition to tap the creative juices of everybody, and without a camera being required...

And so the TG t-shirt competition was on..

Really simple...we wanted as many designs as you wanted to enter We will all vote on the top 5 designs..the winners will get their own design created and sent to them...(their will be a follow up competition next month to add to this ones fun)..

Voting is closed. To see the entries click here.

IMPORTANT:Remember you only get one vote! The system does not allow you to change your vote. (Do not ask support to reset your vote they can't)

All entries that participated win an exclusive Live show to be scheduled with Neil and I so all entries are winners!

Rules -

obviously, nothing nasty....no copywrite issues pls..

Anyone could enter....non TG members if you submited an entry we will give away a 1 month trial of Target just for an entry.......

Your winning tshirts will go into our store...and your "authorship" if you prefer to remain anonymous you can, but this could be the beginning of your "Dali" career

One more rule..one person can win twice in a year at a maximum..