Sweet Baby James Free Guitar Lesson
Songs & Artists - James Taylor
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Here is James Taylor's classic cowboy/campfire song played pretty much the way James did it.

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Nice work. None of these chords are difficult and so anybody should be able to play this song. If you can't play this song you need to build up the strength in your fingers with finger exercises and play everyday. What stands out from viewing all of the youtube video of james Taylor doing this song is that he never plays it the same way twice. So apparently there is no right way and anyway is acceptable. Fun to watch him in 1970 and then today. i notice his earlier guitar, I think it was a martin D-28, had much more bass than his newer more expensive, better balanced, custom made guitar. Is that an improvement? Neil, there is a chorus in the middle and then another chorus at the end and so your tab and your lyrics should reflect that. Easy song and very fun to play and sing. Please do Carolina on my mind. written by Gary Amstutz, June 23, 2009