Fundamentals VI- Chord Construction
Acoustic Genius Series - AGS Theory
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Fundamentals VI- Chord Construction is presented in 9 chapters. The first part of the lesson includes 4 chapters that explain Intervals, including listening to many of them, then shows how they are used to construct Triads, which are the foundation of our entire chord structure. The 4th chapter discusses some 3-note non-triads, the Suspended Chords. The lesson continues with Chapter 5 on how Triads are expanded into Seventh Chords, shows a few common ways of playing them, while also teaching you how to find them yourself, then touches on the Extended Chords- ninth, eleventh, and thirteenth.

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George Hawks here...(8/10/2013) Knowledge is power.This is just like a new language and it is one i always wanted to learn.In the books i have bought they talk about all these terms and i did not understand but i wanted too.Neil is a teacher that is well spoken and easy to understand and there is no question that he loves what he does.This is vital information everybody should understand.Neil makes it easy.Thank You very much!written by georgehawks, August 10, 2013
George Hawks here...(7/29/2013)...I never realized how important music theory was.I believe you have to understand this to become well rounded.It takes awhile maybe a couple years of playing to want to dive into this.I have other sources for this information but nobody makes it as clear as Neil does.When you are ready to try to understand this Neil has the most informative collection on this subject.Thankswritten by georgehawks, July 29, 2013
Thanks Neil, great lessonswritten by abiliog, May 31, 2011