Fundamentals VII- Chords In A Major Key
Acoustic Genius Series - AGS Theory
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Fundamentals VII- Chords In Keys picks up following Chord Construction and explains how to figure out what triads belong to a major key. The lesson includes examples and explanations both on the guitar and the piano.

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Is the "Chords in a major Key" a lesson to purchase, or just information supplied for free on the site? Every link (part1, part 2, etc) gives the same "if you want to purchase this lesson" video, but there is no price listed anywhere. I got to it through the Tips, Techniques pull down menu.written by fcoy2, January 18, 2014
George Hawks here...(8/24/2013)..Thanks to you Neil i can comprehend all of this now.It has been a goal for a long time now.I have thousands of dollars in books and dvds.when it came to theory it was never explained in a way anyone could understand.I feel like you taught me a new language and now i can appreciate my library of books and dvds.I belong to a few other sites and no one is as clear as you.I hope someday you come out with a book on this subject.Again thank you. I can only hope others see the value of this.Hope to meet you someday.written by georgehawks, August 24, 2013