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Acoustic Genius Series - AGS Techniques
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Strumming Volumes 1 and 2 are part of a series of lessons designed to give the guitar student all the fundamentals they need to become a solid rhythm guitar player. This lesson, Practice Partner Volume 1, includes strum-along exercises of the patterns explained in Strumming Volume 1. We recommend you consult the lesson A Chord Companion for information on fingering the common chords used on the guitar, as well as Fundamentals VII – Chords In A Major Key to understand the references to chords by number rather than name. Each of the five exercises presents one strumming pattern playing through a chord progression in five different keys. The keys used are those that are most common among acoustic guitar players- A, C, D, E, and G, with the addition of a couple in minor keys. They are graded in terms of tempo and number of chords used as well. The numbering of an exercise indicates a rhythmic patter followed by the key it is in. For example, exercise 4D would be the Ballad Pattern in the key of D, while 4E would be the same pattern in the key of E. A guide to the patterns used for each exercise follows.

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Never seem to get the Videos to start, and my Computer is performing well.written by Thomas Wade, July 16, 2017
Something needs to be done about these videos stalling. I by no means have slow Internet, but these videos stall a lot even when I choose low resolution.written by profd65, March 06, 2014
George Hawks here...(8/10/2013) I have taken lessons at major music stores in Manteca and San Francisco.The money i threw away would have paid for a year and a half of your lessons.How do these guys get a job teaching?I brought one guy a book and Cd and told him this is what i would like to learn.He took no effort to help me instead we did scales and arpeggios.That was not what i needed.Your lessons cover everything any guitarist needs.You are organized and very well spoken.My point is I cant believe i found someone who knows how to teach.These lessons are excellent,great for the beginner and for the more experienced .Thank Youwritten by georgehawks, August 10, 2013
Neil, The new lessons are fantastic! Love Practice Partner and Chord Companion. Karen Saunderswritten by robinkaren2, April 18, 2012