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Someone else asked about the ending. The song fades out repeating the A C#m F#m % progression, either strumming or with this bass riff: A: R- 3 5 R- 3 5 C#m: R- 5- R- 5 b5 (playing the 5th below the root, I.e, G#) F#m: R- b3 5 R- b3 5 F#m: R- b3 5 R b7 R 2written by sws626, July 30, 2017
Thanks, Neil. I appreciate you noting the 3/4 measures in the lead sheet. The one in the chorus is of course an integral part of the song, but the ones in the verse used to always thrown me off when I'd try to play along to the recording. I don't think these are integral to the song and would probably plays these as 4/4 all the way through if not trying to keep in syncs with the record. Someone asked about the intro lick (recurrent in the verse). I play this on the bass by slide down from the E on the seventh fret to somewhere around the C#, then with the pinky rooted on the A (root) on the 5th fret, play R- b3 3 5- b3 3 R R b3 3 5 R 7 b7 (where notes with hyphens are quarter notes and all the others are 8ths)written by sws626, July 30, 2017
I don't think that this is the way Paul Simon plays it. He appears to be playing capo'd at the second fret which appears easier. It would also be helpful if you added TAB. written by mwillens, July 20, 2014
Can you please make a tab with the intro, especially with the little riff on the A chord. I'm finding it a bit difficult to grasp. Other than that, great tutorial! Thanks.written by slombaj, September 24, 2013
how would you end this song? thankswritten by cbrguitar, February 21, 2010
Love playing this song in D with a capo on 2.written by scosio, January 27, 2010
If time permits, a tab for intro would be quite welcomewritten by Jack Fry, June 26, 2009
First thank you for you for all your had work. I especially like Paul Simon. IMHO one of the greates album of all time is his "There Goes Rymin Simon - 1973 which contained Kodachrome, but some of the most beautiful guitar work and moving lyrics are found in other songs on that ablum such as "Tenderness" "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" "Something So Right" "One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor" "American Tune" "Learn How to Fall" "St. Judy's Comet" Give a listen, I bet these will show up as guitar lessons. I only hope some are included as free lessons. Not sure how to add a vote on this lesson, but I vote. written by Jack Fry, June 09, 2009
nice job! this videos really helpfulwritten by zach martin, June 02, 2009