Scarborough Fair Free Guitar Lesson
Songs & Artists - Simon and Garfunkel
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Scarborough Fair by Simon & Garfunkel. Neil goes through the entire verse of the Paul Simon arrangement.

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How about one one I am a Rock?written by Wilson Arthur, May 17, 2009
I stand corrected, i found some tabs on Scarborough Fair. I hope all the lessons will all have tabs in the near future. or i will be real disappointed.written by doug englund, April 27, 2009
Thanks for this beautiful excellent video lesson. I appreciate having the whole lesson, explained so well, & with the tabs. I'd like to extend my gratitude, thanks to your teaching I can now play this beautiful piece. You play very well & you've made a fan out of me.written by B, April 08, 2009
like i told you before...i just picked up the guitar after many years and this is one of the songs that takes me back to boot camp in San, it was beautiful then as it is now. I'm gonna keep at this one till i get it...thanx for the time you take to teach!!!...can't say much more than that, i know you get lots of mail and can't read'em all....but thanx again....Jessewritten by Jesse Del Valle, March 31, 2009
:)I first met Neil about 6 years ago where he was a guest artist and teacher at Keola Beamer's slack key music camp. He immediately struck me as an exceptionally clear, lucid and dedicated teacher, as well as a highly gifted musician. He was also very accessible and helpful, even though I had just met him for the first time. I have seen him only occassionally since that time, and my impressions remained the same. I can only imagine that Neil's web site will have all of those characteristics. His teaching is clear and consise and the tab I have seen is very accurate. It is obvious that he puts a great deal of energy and effort into all he does. I really look forward to the success of his on-line guitar teaching site. Best Wishes, Chriswritten by Chris Larsen, March 29, 2009
This lesson has been a tremendous help! Many thanks Neil and congrats to all at TG on the 'new look' site. Regards, steamjam. written by steamjam, March 24, 2009
thank you neil, i really enjoy playing this song , i have always loved the great harmonies of s&g, as well as csn&y. mikewritten by michael malle, March 23, 2009