Mrs. Robinson Free Guitar Lesson
Songs & Artists - Simon and Garfunkel

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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members We have had a Target lesson on Simon & Garfunkel’s *Mrs. Robinson *for some time now. Neil also put together a Campfire Version that we are putting out as part of our Free Lessons. It is slightly simplified but a great strumming and singing tune.

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membership is a little much. however if I had a limited time full access you might change my mind! money back? that scares me once you have my money who knows what I will have to go through to get it back.. my suggestion.. you need a level in between.. written by sherman40, January 11, 2016
there are so many guitar dubs on that song, hard to figure out what/how to play, good job simplifying to something easy to play and recognizable.written by muchohucho2, November 17, 2014
I feel like I was somehow lured into signing up for a FREE trial on your site, misleadingly believing that I will have FULL access to it for a limited period of time. [That's the definition of TRIAL, isn't it?] Punctually, I was interested in the "Mrs. Robinson" lesson. I regret now that I went through all this process of signing up... for nothing. Thank you very much... this will be the last time you'll hear from me. Good luck with your site. Johnny W.written by johnnyrtd99708, January 23, 2014
works fine for me. got 62 free lessonswritten by ronhunter33, December 31, 2013
wow i can not find a single free full song on this site as promised on youtube. What a misrepresentation. i want to subscribe but i want to see a full free song to see if it is for me.written by justmyspecials88090, December 03, 2013
Cannot log in. very frustrating written by rob kelly, August 09, 2012
I have found out that if you have problem logging in, you can do that under 'Community -> Profile'. Then you will be able to access free content.written by ndani, February 28, 2012
Indeed. Unfortunately it seems, no access to free lessons is given after signing up, or it is impossible to sign in with the account you have just created. This is hardly persuasive to join any paid programme.written by NDani1991, February 28, 2012
I sign up to look for the lessons. You have a mass of "free" lessons but not only one works. Very mad thing. Check your web site or your server. Not for recommendation.written by lucaa1122, February 24, 2012