Peaceful Easy Feeling with Kevin
Songs & Artists - Fly On The Wall
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Kevin is trying to get a bunch of songs in shape to play along with some buddies on an upcoming camping trip. We had worked on a couple Eagles’ songs, which usually were in keys that he couldn’t sing in. One approach to this is to capo up a bit and sing down an octave.

Peaceful Easy Feeling we had taken up to the third fret, staying with the original chord shapes in the key of E. We started off with a little chord theory about sus4 chords, then into the differences between the folk and rock strumming patterns.

Eventually we got into transposing it a little higher, into the keys of G and A, and comparing the sounds and feels. I also got into thinking about progressions as chord numbers in the key rather than memorizing a song by chord names. This can be a very useful technique to add to every student’s toolbox.

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