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Songs & Artists - Fly On The Wall
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Leo is a traveling TG'er who came in for a lesson as part of his California vacation. We spent the first part of the lesson getting acquainted, going through some personal history, and Leo talking about his practice routines and goals. As we finally got to playing he showed me an arpeggio exercise he does regularly and we talked a bit about hand position and fretting technique.

Part 2 started with a look at House Of The Rising Sun and placing fingers down in playing order rather than slamming them down all together. We touched on volume and dynamics, and how working with them can affect your accuracy. Quicksand came up as an example. More Than A Feeling came up next and we worked on the timing in the intro.

In Part 3 we continued with More Than A Feeling, getting into the strumming sections and working in a little barre chord theory and technique, particularly related to the ‘A’ family set of chords. This segment with using a metronome for the song and some encouragement for students to really work on improving those skills.

Part 4 started with Dust In The Wind, looking at the intro, which headed into thoughts on holding notes down when useful, or not. We listened to the interlude and sorted out some finger issues there, and then got into exercises Leo had been doing. Smoothing out a chromatic scale became our next focus.

Our session ended with a short look at the intro to Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress by The Hollies but we didn’t have time to go too far into it. But I did record a slow version with the metronome for him. We revisited picking technique, paying attention to when to anchor your right hand and when not to and then said goodbye.

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