Long, Long Time with Lisa
Songs & Artists - Fly On The Wall
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Some of you know Lisa, who has been part of the IGC family for a few years now. She joins the ranks of FOTW victims with a look at Linda Ronstadt’s Long, Long Time.

Most weeks Lisa comes in with a few new songs that have grabbed her attention and puts in quite a bit of time on them herself, before we talk about details. This almost always provides an excuse to talk a little theory or technique. In this lesson we review chord progressions, chords outside the key, and particularly secondary dominant chords.

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Having trouble posting a comment, I will try it here- Great lesson, Lisa and Neil!! This is a beautiful song and it matches your voice very nicely. Gotta love the theory lessons too- I am just starting to learn more about chord construction, so this lesson was very timely for me- thanks for posting this ;) written by carolm242, September 27, 2018