Triads In Lead Playing with Ed
Songs & Artists - Fly On The Wall

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TARGET Members will have any Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files Ed had been working on some of the concepts in our TG lesson called Lead Secrets: Triads, and came into this lesson having worked on the primary chords in the key of d, D, G and A, and finding them on the neck using the basic shapes of E, A and D.

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The attachments we are referring to are available as part of the theory lesson called 'Lead Secrets: Triads.' Take a look at that lesson when you can.written by TGNeil, March 03, 2012
Can you put your Triad "Shapes" on the site as a download? It would help tremendously.. The two of you are referring to it- but its not available to us viewers. written by Diver1, March 02, 2012