Love Me Two Times Free Guitar Lesson
Songs & Artists - Doors
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Love Me Two Times by The Doors. Neil goes over the riff and progression to this classic.

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Great - would love to see the whole thing done.written by johngmart, November 28, 2012
What is not complete in this lesson? This is what I give all my students on this and then they are ready to move on to more complicated things.written by TGNeil, September 18, 2012
U said ''Free Lessons - Every single complete free guitar lesson on the site. There are 60 to choose from.'' and this one is not complete !written by mirko86, September 18, 2012
You TOTALLY Rock, Neil~written by gdhofusa, February 14, 2012
I would like to see a full lesson on this and a tab. Good short Lesson Martywritten by Marty, August 09, 2009
very nice and simple lesson :) thankswritten by Norbert, June 12, 2009
the thing he emphasizes so you can learn much faster and more efficiently is to learn the vocabulary so u understand and can easily follow along. I just joined but watched the intro video hahahawritten by Michael Russo, May 19, 2009
Great Job! Does anybody know the tabs?written by David Hernandez, May 18, 2009
@ andrew Just have a good look at his hand and try to write it down yourself You will learn a lot more by doing so. I know it takes some time but it really helps (for me it does;)) Great lesson Neil thank you :Dwritten by Joost Beers, May 04, 2009