Jerry Reed – Blues Land - Neil Hogan Instrumental Guitar Lesson
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members It has been quite a while since we added a very advanced instrumental but now we have Blues Land by Jerry Reed. This is my arrangement of a piece I don’t think he ever performed solo and it is full of unusual techniques. We have a lot of grace notes in a few different ways, and a reverse thumb drag that may take a bit of time to master and incorporate.

It is played in swing time and we get started with the Intro and Section A while I keep working on the rest.

Section B of Blues Land is a bit easier than Section A, and more repetitive as well. It opens with a somewhat difficult chord and includes a bunch of sliding grace notes, even some in pairs that are syncopated with a series of them all coming on the ‘ands’ of beats.

The segment also covers the Coda, really a third ending to Section A that would end the piece. Also included is a Play Through section with a metronome at 72 beats per minute.

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