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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Carole King will be remembered historically as one of the greatest writers of our day. Her early tunes, written with then husband Gerry Goffin, became huge hits for many groups in the early sixties. At the end of the decade she started a solo career leading to her second album, Tapestry.

With the help of James Taylor and much of his circle of musical friends, Tapestry became a signature album of the seventies. So Far Away is a delicate, wistful song that she wrote having left the East Coast.

The lesson tries to create the piano arrangement on the guitar, which brings in some unusual chord voicings and shapes.

The accompaniment is mostly using the right hand like the two hands on a piano, the thumb playing a simple bass pattern and the fingers grabbing chords, mostly on the quarter note beats.

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