Ain't No Sunshine Free Guitar Lesson
Songs & Artists - Bill Withers
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Ain't No Sunshine This is a Campfire Version of Bill Withers' classic Ain't No Sunshine. It is a slightly simplified arrangement of the way Bill played it that uses just a couple open chords and our trusty ballad strumming pattern.

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You bunch of cry babies. Nothing is f ree in this life except salvation. Get a life all you takers.written by vernboggs, October 11, 2015
you HAVE to be signed inwritten by muchohucho2, November 26, 2014
I totally agree this site touting free lessons is a joke. If you advertise something as free then it should be just that. written by metalrock6519434, February 08, 2014
Please add instrumental portion. :)written by damien57664, January 08, 2014
I don't understand? you say it's a free lesson. than it's not which is it? I'm not say you should give it away if you don't want to. but don't offer it if it's bull. written by abeltaveras286105, December 15, 2013
WOW! i can not find a single free full song on this site as promised on youtube. What a misrepresentation. i want to subscribe but i want to see a full free song to see if it is for me.written by justmyspecials88090, December 03, 2013
Love this and would love to learn finger style. Thanks heapswritten by smegger, August 28, 2012
Hey Bob, this lesson is free, that's Free! and there are loads of free lessons here. The intro talks about buying lessons. It is a generic advert and shouldn't be there I think, but there are loads of free lessons. I am a Target member and have access to the hundreds of more detailed lessons here. I am happy to pay for them as they are of a high standard of tuition. If you go up to Guitar lessons at the top of the page and select free lessons, that's exactly what you will get. Lessons you don't pay for. What's Bull shit about that?written by tombo1230, August 02, 2012
then go buy a guitar lessons book and shut it written by rango, April 24, 2012