Hocus Pocus (Opening Riff) Free Guitar Lesson
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members This short lesson goes over the opening riff to this quirky piece by Focus, guitarist Jan Akkerman and keyboards & flute by Thijs Van Leer.

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Ahh login... was viewing some free lessons without logining in. Started my membership on the music room computer. So now that I'm in the office on a rainy saturday thought id check out your email and wonder around from here.written by bmp999, April 21, 2012
Hey Neil... new to this site. Like your style of explaining the songs. Where'd this stream go for free Hocus Pocus Opening Riff? Any chance it might return?written by BmP, April 21, 2012
Tom- I don't think I will be getting to any more of Hocus Pocus, although I might get to other Focus or Jan Akkerman stuff somewhere down the line. The rest of Hocus Pocus just doesn't seem very adaptable to the acoustic guitar. Neilwritten by Neil, November 25, 2009
Just learned this song from your lesson and I'm loving it. It's got a great sound. Are you planning to add to the lesson? I'd love to learn more of the song. Thanks, -Tomwritten by tvarga, November 24, 2009
I also wonder how you place your fingers when you play the "F", "D", and "E", because i use all 4 fingers when i play them, but you seem to take 3 notes with your ringfinger instead of using one finger per note on those 3. That doesn't work for me :(written by jonte stenbaxter, July 06, 2009
I would really love if you could teach some more from Jan Akkerman, he is on of my favourite guitarplayers, and Focus is one of my favourite band, along with Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page) and Jimi Hendrix.written by jonte stenbaxter, July 06, 2009
Oops! I forgot one vital detail. Thanks for the messages and it is fixed now. Neilwritten by Neil, June 30, 2009