Guide To Reading Music: Lesson #1
Songs & Artists - Classical Guitar
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Here is our comprehensive course in making reading standard music notation easy. Many musicians are convinced that they are incapable of learning to read music. This is not true! The fears and phobias are debunked here in a simple manner to help you get a functional knowledge of reading music. It is not much more complicated than reading tablature, contains much more information, and can open many more doors with just a little concentrated effort. Lesson One goes onto the three major components of reading and breaks them down into well-defined, manageable chunks. Separate segments cover Rhythm, The Staff, and The Guitar. Each segment contains tips on what to focus on before trying to assemble the parts.

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Hi Neil! Thank you for doing this series - I have been an "amateur" to "intermediate" classical player for a while - prior to that have played chords in 1st position and accompanied singing for years, but trying to learn to read music better. I can read music to a point and work it out until I memorize it, but struggle with sight reading rhythm - in the simplest places. If I hear it, I'll just adapt to what I hear, but I'd like to play a piece I've never heard....what you have posted here is easy to understand. Where I think I get lost is usually where a dotted quarter note is followed by an eighth note. I can't figure out how to count that out loud. For example...simple 4/4 timing: Qtr, Qtr, dotted Qtr, Eighth. How would you count that if you are tapping it out? Is it 1, 2, 3 (4)And? Simple question, but it trips me up every time if I can't hear the music first. Argh. :) Thanks very much! Vincewritten by vastra, April 06, 2014
Amazed how bad Iv become on my sight reading, back to basics for me. I think most guitarists are a little lazy and go straight to the Tab. Thanks for the lesson Neil Ill re visit the more advanced stuff in my favorites when Iv seen to my foundations.written by bigears, May 27, 2013